Mum’s ‘joy’ after daughter’s car park death

A Melbourne mum has vowed to take legal action after her three-year-old daughter was tragically run over and killed by her "faulty" car last year.

Amanda Furner, 26, was picking up daughter Charlotte Smithers from Kiddy Palace daycare in the Melbourne suburb of Epping last October when tragedy struck.

The mother-of-five, who was heavily pregnant at the time, switched on the ignition to turn on the airconditioning before opening the car door.

But as she went to get Charlotte to strap her into the back seat, Ms Furner's car suddenly lurched and rolled backwards on top of her daughter - tragically killing her in the process.

In the five months since the heartbreaking incident Ms Furner is still reeling from the loss and has welcomed son Chase, saying her new baby boy has helped give her the strength to keep going.

Ms Furner, who is also mum to Joshua, nine, Lily, seven, and Betley, six, said the day Charlotte died had been "just a normal day like any other".

"The other kids were already in the car. I turned the ignition on and to switch on the aircon, as it was a hot day," she said.

"The car was in park and the handbrake was on. I walked over to Charlotte to put her in and that's when the car took off, rolling backwards.

"We both went underneath and that is as much as I can remember."

In the minutes that followed one of the workers at the childcare centre desperately tried to save Charlotte by performing CPR on her, but sadly the little girl died.

"I must have blocked it out, but the kindergarten staff told me I was holding Charlotte, screaming out for help and that she was covered in blood," Ms Furner said.

She maintains the car must have been faulty for the incident to have occurred and plans to take legal action.

"I never thought anything like this could ever happen. The handbrake was on, 100 per cent. I put it on every time," Ms Furner said.

"It was faulty. If it was working at the time of the accident, Charlotte would still be here."


Ms Furner has said she plans to take legal action in the future as she believes it was a "faulty" handbrake that caused the loss of her daughter.

"I will take legal action in the future. I never want another family to go through what I went through," she said, adding the pain of losing Charlotte "never gets any easier".

However, welcoming baby Chase has "brought some joy into my life".

"Losing Charlotte has been the most difficult and painful time of my entire life," she said.

"But having my kids and giving birth to my new baby boy Chase has given me the strength to keep going.

"It was amazing to see Chase's face for the first time, he is such a beautiful baby."

"In a time of such sadness, he has bought some joy into my life," she continued.

"He is a happy baby and is always smiling, which warms my heart. I can see Charlotte in his eyes when I look at him."

Charlotte, who was buried in a little pink coffin adorned with stickers of unicorns and flowers, would have loved her little brother and will "always be here for him in spirit".

Ms Furner said her "princess" daughter had been "very bright" and "absolutely loved life".

"I want to give my kids the life that Charlotte wanted to have. She'd never want us to be upset," she said.

"It's never gets any easier, but her memory will never leave us. Cherish every second you have with the people you love.

"You just never know if it might be the last time you'll see them. I feel Charlotte around me and my heart longs for her every second."

Amanda is currently fundraising to help cover her family's living costs, you can donate here.

Originally published as Mum's 'joy' after daughter's car park death

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