Mum trashes former friend's motorbike, quad bike, trailer

A MOTHER of eight has narrowly avoided prison after she used her car to destroy a former friend's trailer, motorbike and quad bike and uploaded videos of the destructive rampage to Facebook.

Jodie Lee Locke, 36, pleaded guilty in Maryborough Magistrates Court to charges of stealing and wilful damage.

The court heard that in November last year Locke and her partner, David Bruce Atkinson, agreed to carry out repairs to the trailer, quad bike and motorcycle, which belonged to Alanis Kidman.

After a disagreement with Ms Kidman, who was caring for two of Locke's children, Locke began her campaign of destruction.

Using a strap, Locke attached the motorcycle to the back of her car and dragged it around the driveway and lawn at her home while Atkinson filmed her.

When the strap broke, Locke then drove over the motorcycle.

She then crashed her car into the nearby quad bike and trailer before reversing her car and doing it again.

The court heard two of Locke's small children had witnessed the destruction.

Locke's actions were all captured on film by Atkinson and the couple later uploaded four videos to Facebook.

After being informed of the videos, police executed a search warrant at Locke's home.

The trailer, quad bike and motorcycle were not at the home and when questioned by police Locke said she and her partner had gone out for dinner the week before and when they returned home, they were gone.

The trailer was later found at a wrecking yard and the motorcycle was discovered at the dump.

CCTV footage allegedly revealed Atkinson had the trailer and motorbikes when he attended the wrecking yard.

The court heard Locke, a workplace and safety officer, had become distressed because her children had chosen to live with Ms Kidman rather than herself and her partner.

The court heard the situation had caused Locke "stress and pain" and her behaviour was out of character.

Magistrate John Smith condemned Locke's actions, describing her actions as "brazen", particularly the videotaping of her criminal behaviour.

"This has to be condemned by the court and the community," he said.

"If you want to engage in this type of behaviour a severe punishment will be imposed."

Locke was sentenced to four months in prison, wholly suspended, with an active period of two years.

Mr Smith warned Locke that any offending she did in the two-year period could result in her being sent to prison.

She was also ordered to pay $4325 in compensation to her victim and her licence was suspended for 12 months.

Atkinson's charges were also mentioned but he was unable to appear in court because he was in Hervey Bay Hospital.

Atkinson has been charged with wilful damage, stealing a vehicle and contravention of a domestic violence order.

His case was adjourned.

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