POPULAR: Braden Lang was farewelled at a funeral last Tuesday.
POPULAR: Braden Lang was farewelled at a funeral last Tuesday. Kevin Farmer

100 motorbike riders take Braden on final journey

A VANGUARD of about 100 motorbike riders farewelled Braden Lang at his funeral last Tuesday.

The popular young man, who had once dreamed of setting the record to be the fastest terminally ill man, had lost a battle against melanoma.

Mr Lang's mother Bernie Lang said the riders accompanied the hearse to the crematorium to take Braden on his last ride.

Braden Joseph Lang was born on February 7, 1992. In a eulogy read at his funeral service it was revealed Braden had packed so much into the 8992 days he was alive. As a two-year-old his mantra was "I can do it myself!".

And do it himself he did, from dressing himself with his t-shirt on back to front, to riding his push bike without training wheels before he was three years old. He excelled at sport and as a child liked to run "marathons" around the property at Childers.

At one sports day he outran the favourite to win by a convincing margin and later in Toowoomba played T-ball and softball. He also loved driving and this led to his love of motorbikes which came a few years later.

Braden celebrated his 21st birthday in February 2013 and then about that time he met Zoe Maykin.

Their relationship blossomed and they later become engaged. Working first in retail, he later started an apprenticeship and excelled, winning the Harry Hauenschild Apprentice of the Year for the Downs and South West Region.

Braden's mother said those closest to her son would always remember his loyalty and the impact he had on their lives.

She said donations in could be made to charity in memory of Mr Lang at give.everydayhero.com/au/in-memory-of-braden-lang.

Eulogy in full:

A baby boy was born, and his parents cried because they were so happy.

8,992 days, or 24 years, 7 months and 13 days, later, their son passed away, and his parents cried again, this time because their hearts were breaking.

That little boy, that young man, packed a lot into those 8,992 days.

Braden Joseph Lang was born on 7 February 1992 and his parents, Darryl and Bernie, could not have been happier as they welcomed another little boy to their family.  Big brother Elliot welcomed his baby brother by bringing to him in the hospital a large white toy sheepdog which, at the time, was as big as Elliot himself!

Braden was the happiest of babies, as long as he was well fed.  You certainly heard him protest if he was hungry.  Even while still in the hospital, Bernie could tell when the nurses were bringing Braden to her room by the healthy squawk that preceded him down the hallway.

Unlike his brother, who could sleep through just about anything, Braden was not a good sleeper when he was out.  He was too busy looking around at everything and if he did fall asleep in the car, the moment the car stopped he was awake again.  He obviously didn't want to miss a thing, and this was how he lived his life.

When Braden was two, he suddenly decided that he was "Mr Independent" and his mantra was "I can do it myself!"  And do it himself he did, from dressing himself with his t-shirt on back to front, to riding his pushbike without training wheels before he was three years old.  When their parents took the boys to the park with their bikes, people would actually stop and stare and say "Look at that little boy riding his bike without training wheels!" But Braden could do virtually anything he put his mind to.  He was rather amused and looked rather critically upon children who were years older than he was but still had their training wheels on.

With a big brother to follow around, Braden thought it was quite reasonable that if Elliot he was doing something then he could do it too.

At about this time, Braden also discovered what fun it was to hide. He would hide in small spaces like cupboards and thought it was hilarious when everybody was looking for him and couldn't find him.  Braden was at his grandmother's house one day when she suddenly noticed he wasn't around.  After looking in every room in the house, and the back yard and front yard, his grandmother went running down to the creek which runs near her house, all the while thinking the worst.  Nobody had seen a little boy wandering in that area and as there was no sign of him near the creek, she went home to continue the search.  Nearly on the point of phoning 000, she suddenly stopped and listened and sure enough, there was a little giggle coming from under her bed.  Braden had been hiding under her bed the whole time and thought it was quite the adventure.  His grandmother was very relieved to find him safe and well, but wasn't quite sure whether to hug him or spank him!

On another occasion when Braden was spending the day with his grandmother, she took him to Lourdes Home to visit some of the older residents.  These ladies thought that Braden was such a gorgeous child, they plied him with cakes and his grandmother then had to tell Bernie about it when she picked him up in case she wondered why Braden might not be interested in too much dinner that night!

When Braden was nearly four years old the family moved to a property just outside Childers, where they had built a house.  At first, while Elliot was going to the Goodwood School, Braden had to be content to stay at home.  However, the family soon got to know Elliot's teacher quite well, as she was from Allora, and she was happy to mark Braden's "homework". The homework in question was set by Bernie, in an exercise book just like the Grade One's used, but Braden insisted that it had to be marked by the teacher.  Each afternoon when one of his parents went to pick up Elliot from school, Braden presented his homework to the teacher to be marked and he regularly received a sticker for work well done.  Braden was always good with numbers, probably because he and Bernie used to play Snap and Fish quite often when he was young so he got to know his numbers well.

The two and a half years spent at Childers were happy times for Braden and Elliot.  They had plenty of acres to run on and ride their bikes, and they liked nothing better than playing in the "dirt heap" which was a mound of dirt left by the builders within a short distance of the house.  The dirt heap changed shape many times over the two and an half years and made an excellent place on which to ride and jump their bikes and pretend to be stunt men.

There was a large dam on the property but the boys knew they were never to go near the dam unless either Mum or Dad was with them.  However, when they did get a chance to go near the dam they enjoyed wading in the shallows and finding little fish.  Both boys were very in tune with nature and concerned about fish, frogs, birds etc from an early age, and this compassion has lasted throughout their lives.

There was a large tree just near the front of the house at Childers and one day Braden sidled sheepishly into the house but was intercepted by Bernie.  He was obviously hiding something behind his back and on investigation it was discovered that he had torn his trousers quite badly and grazed his leg.  He admitted that he had been climbing the tree and fallen, but luckily a branch had broken his fall and saved him from hitting the ground too hard.  In the process though, the branch had ripped his trousers and he thought that his Mum would be annoyed.  However, Bernie was just pleased he had only damaged his trousers and not himself!

When the Goodwood School had its annual sports day in August 1996, there was a race for pre-schoolers.  Notwithstanding that Braden was not actually old enough to go to pre-school, he was allowed to compete in the race.  A parent of each child in the race stood just beyond the finish line so that the littlies could run towards their parent. The money was on a bigger local boy who was a pre-schooler to win the race, however Braden had other ideas.  Not only did he win the race by a convincing margin, but as he crossed the finish line he leapt into Darryl's arms, much to the amusement of all assembled.  His face was lit up by his smile.

Braden was always an extremely active child, and liked to run "marathons" around the property.  An area of about five acres round the house was mown to form a lovely large lawn.  Because of the danger of snakes, Braden knew that he was not allowed to stray off the lawned area, but he loved to run just inside the perimeter of the five acres and this was his marathon.  The 1996 Olympic Games had just been held in Atlanta, Georgia, and this was where he got the idea of running a marathon.  He would run around inside the perimeter several times and would come back to the house smiling and saying "that was fun!"  He was only five years old at the time.

When Braden turned five he was able to attend the Childers Preschool for five days a fortnight.  He was in the Koalas group and just loved the activities, both indoors and out.  One day Braden and his Mum were talking about whether or not he had an afternoon nap at preschool and he insisted he didn't, however the teacher told Bernie otherwise.  In his mind, his day was filled with much more interesting things than sleeping!

Just after Braden started preschool he had a birthday and so Bernie took along a birthday cake for him to share with his new friends.  Of course, being in the Koalas group meant he had to have a koala cake and Braden was very proud to share it with his class mates.

When Braden started Grade One at Goodwood School, he received the Aussie of the Month award for consistently good work. He had his photo in the local paper and was very proud of his award.  This may have been the start of his love of media attention!

The thing that everybody noticed about Braden, particularly when he was playing sport, was that he was always smiling.  He loved being active, and this stayed with him all his life, whether it was athletics, softball, touch football or going to the gym.

Speaking of that smile, Bernie recently discovered an entry in her 1997 diary which read "Braden was annoyed with Elliot for mocking him but Elliot said that he was 'just practising my smile' ".  Sibling rivalry at its best!

When the family returned to Toowoomba in 1998, the boys decided that they wanted to play T-ball, which lead on to softball.  They were both naturals at it and soon found themselves playing not only in their assigned age group but in the higher age groups as well.  After they had been playing for a while, Darryl and Bernie were approached one day by the coach of the Under 14 team, which Elliot was already playing for, even though he was only 9.  Braden at this stage was only 7, so imagine his parents' surprise when the coach asked if Braden could take the field with the Under 14 team as they were short one player and would have to forfeit the game if they didn't have the numbers.  The coach assured the concerned parents that he would put Braden in the outfield where he couldn't get hurt and of course Braden was as keen as mustard to take part.  That first game for the Under 14's was uneventful for Braden but he still came off the field with a huge smile on his face simply because he'd been allowed to participate.  This pattern was repeated for the next couple of weeks, with Braden taking the field but not really being too involved, being kept "out of harm's way".  It was about the fourth week of Braden taking part in the Under 14 team that a batter hit the ball high into the outfield and Braden knew his chance had come.  He positioned himself under the ball, and took the perfect catch.  The onlookers were amazed, saying "Did you see that little kid take that catch?"  He ran back in with the ball and was the hero of the game, having just got the third batter out.  After that, he was definitely part of the Under 14 team, and he was only 7 years old!

Braden became quite a good catcher and his coach made the comment that it almost made him tired watching Braden catch because he was so active!  As Braden said later in his life, "If you're going to do something, you should do it to the very best of your ability" and it was this attitude which started very young and saw him through many challenges in his life.

The year the Under 14 team won the grand final, Braden, being the youngest member of the team, was carried him off the field on the shoulders of his team mates.  That smile was bigger than ever!

Braden and Elliot both went on to represent Toowoomba at the softball State titles, doing very well for their teams in the process.

One summer when he was about 13, Braden decided he would like to take up Little Athletics.  He joined a team and along the family went each weekend.  Braden did quite well and it was there that he realised he had a natural talent for high jumping.  The coaches spent quite a lot of time giving him tips and guiding him in the right direction.  When the end of the season came and a carnival was held, Braden won several events in his age group.  And of course, that trade-mark smile was always there. 

One of the highlights of spending a season with Little Athletics was the chance to compete at the season finals at the QEII Stadium in Brisbane.  Braden took part in some track events, as well as high jump.  He was by far the shortest competitor in the high jump and was challenged by another competitor who didn't seem to think he should even be there.  However, the other competitor was soon eliminated and Braden continued on, jumping well over his own height and ending up being placed 8th in Queensland.  Not bad for a short kid!

Braden also loved taking part in athletics at school and did very well at most of the sports he participated in, although running and jumping were his favourites.  He represented his school at the zone finals and represented the zone at the Darling Downs finals many times during his school days.  Whether he won, was placed second, third, or even further down the list, he was always a great sport and would congratulate the winner, and was just thrilled and proud to be there.

Braden enjoyed playing touch football with the Centenary Heights High School team throughout his high school years.  He enjoyed not only the game itself, but the camaraderie of his teammates and the trips to Brisbane each year to compete against other high schools.  The team did quite well and they always had a wonderful time.

When Braden was 14 years old he had a mole removed from his left forearm and it was found to be a melanoma.  Surgery a short time later meant that he had an oval shaped scar on his arm.  When he returned to school at the start of the next school year, he told some of the other children that he had been bitten by a shark.  He sometimes had a strange sense of humour!

After his arm had a chance to heal properly Braden decided he wanted to get a job so he could buy himself a computer.  He went for an interview at Sam's Warehouse while Bernie waited in the car, and after about 20 minutes he emerged with that smile on his face.  Well, because he nearly always had a smile on his face it was difficult to tell whether or not he knew the outcome of the interview.  But he did get the job and spent many happy times and made some wonderful friends at Sam's Warehouse.

In the ensuing years Braden was taken to hospital by ambulance after hurting his ankle on the oval playing football, and had to visit the hospital quite a few times when he discovered swellings in his lymph nodes.  But each time the tests came back ok so he had no way of knowing that something sinister might be lurking.

As soon as Braden was old enough he got his learner's licence and it was full steam ahead to get those 100 hours completed in plenty of time for him to try out for his licence when he turned 17.  He got his licence first go. He was dropped home by the driving instructor and he immediately got into his HG Holden wagon and drove to school.  He drove himself to school every day from that time on.  He just loved driving and this led to his love of bikes which came a few years later.  In the meantime, with Braden often being the only one in his group of friends who had a licence and a car, he became the designated driver.  He would pick his friends up and drop them off when they went out together and when they were old enough to go and enjoy the nightlife down town, Braden would still quite often be the one to not drink so he could drive his friends home.  He took particular care to look out for the girls in the group, because, as he used to say, "If I had a little sister, I'd want somebody to look out for her."  Braden has always been a true friend to those around him.

When Braden finished high school he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life so he continued working at Sam's Warehouse, which he quite enjoyed.  When he was 18 he was asked if he wanted to go to the new Dalby Chickenfeed store which was opening, as a joint 2IC of the store.  Braden thought this would be something different and a bit of a challenge so he and Bernie went out to Dalby one day to find him some suitable accommodation.  He found a fairly new two bedroom unit which he eventually shared with the manager of the store who had also moved out from Toowoomba.

Braden faced many challenges whilst in Dalby, the main one being the 2011 floods when, as an 18 year old, he had to decide whether to close the shop and send the employees home and also whether to leave his own unit to the rising flood waters or stay put like most of the others and hope the water didn't get that high.  He ended up staying put but couldn't get his car in or out due to a spoon drain outside the property being full of water, and some fish!  Braden had to wade through the water to get to his unit and fell on uneven ground and hurt his knee, which subsequently required surgery.  He took it all in his stride though, and it was probably his parents who were more worried about the whole situation than he was.

When Braden was 20 years old he decided he had had enough of the retail world and through Downs Group Training he got an apprenticeship as a boilermaker.  He spent about 12 months with one company before then going to work for James Fab in Anzac Avenue.  Braden loved his work, notwithstanding the early morning starts, and gave it 100%.  He got on very well with all his work mates, they all taught him a lot and he absorbed everything he could.  On hearing of Braden's passing, the lovely folk at Downs Group Training sent Darryl and Bernie an arrangement of flowers with a note saying how inspirational Braden was to many of their staff and other apprentices and trainees.

Braden celebrated his 21st birthday on 7 February 2013 and enjoyed skydiving at the Gold Coast as his present from his parents.  At around that time he met a young lady called Zoe.  Zoe lived at the coast so Braden would often disappear to the coast for the whole weekend.  After a short time, Braden asked his Mum and Dad if he could invite Zoe to come to Toowoomba to spend the weekend.  Of course the answer was yes, but Braden insisted that Zoe not be asked too many questions.  The weekend arrived, as did Zoe, and introductions were made.  Having been told not to ask too many questions Darryl and Bernie wondered what they were going to talk about, so when Braden went off to have his shower and they were left alone with Zoe, the first couple of minutes were polite but rather stilted.  Then, rather than have Zoe think they were not interested in her, Darryl and Bernie confided to Zoe that they had been told not to ask her too many questions.  She laughed and said that Braden had told her not to ask them too many questions!  Everybody had a good laugh and by the time Braden came out of the shower (he was not known to have short showers) all three were getting along very well!

The thing that Darryl and Bernie noticed about Braden and Zoe when they were together was how much they laughed.  Braden and Zoe's relationship continued to blossom and they spent many happy times together.

When Braden was 21 years old, he decided to buy his first bike, a Kawasaki Ninja.  He thought he was on top of the world with that bike, and once again, that trademark smile was never far away when he arrived home from a ride.

He eventually traded the Kawasaki in on a Honda CBR1000 which is a bigger bike and even he was a bit tentative about it at first.  However, he soon became more confident and enjoyed many happy hours riding.  He joined the Darling Downs Riders and was soon taking part in their organised rides, most of which raise money for all sorts of worthy causes including cancer research.  Darryl and Bernie know how much Braden enjoyed riding with the group and they wish to thank all of those members for their friendship and support of Braden and for taking Braden on his last ride today.

On 23 April 2014 Braden came home from the gym and said "Mum, there's a lump under my arm."  After some weeks of tests, it was found that the lump was a melanoma in his lymph nodes and that the lymph nodes should be removed.  Braden underwent surgery on 25 June 2014.  At this point Braden was approached about taking part in a trial for some new drugs which were being developed and he immediately agreed.  However, after undergoing another scan some weeks after the surgery it was discovered that he had another melanoma in his lung.  By this time he was going to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane and in October 2014 they were able to give him radiation treatment for the melanoma in his lung.  Once again there was a wait of several weeks for him to have another scan, the results of which he received on 19 December 2014.  It was on that dreadful day that Braden received the news that although the melanoma in his lung was now all clear, he had five more melanomas throughout his body and that these could not be treated.

During this time Braden continued to work, and finished his apprenticeship early.  He was nominated for, and won, the Harry Hauenschild Apprentice of the Year for the Downs and South West Region in August 2015.  Braden went on to contest the State Apprentice of the Year title in Brisbane in September 2015 but this title was taken out by another apprentice.  Although he did not win, Braden was just happy to have got that far, and achieved as much as he had.

Between December 2014 and February 2016 Braden was put on several different drugs, most of which were in trial stages.  He had some nasty reactions which led to more ambulance callouts and hospital stays, the worst of which was in October 2015.  At that time he had to be put into a coma and onto dialysis.  But in true Braden form, within a few days he was out of hospital, although he was not able to work again from that time.  Some of the drugs showed real promise and Braden's blood count was looking quite good at one point, so much so that he went for a job interview as everybody thought he was going to beat his cancer.  However, on 12 February 2016 he received the news that this drug had stopped working and the melanomas had started to grow again.  He was told that all of the drugs that could be tried had been tried.

Braden was an enigma.  He was so casual about a lot of things around him but so focussed on the small details in other areas of his life.  He was fiercely loyal to his family and friends and would do anything for anybody even if it meant inconvenience to himself.  That loyalty was repaid many times over when Braden received his diagnosis of terminal cancer.  His workmates and bosses at the time, those wonderful chaps at James Fab, raised nearly $4,000 within weeks to send Braden on a trip to the USA.  He and Zoe got there in May 2015 and had a wonderful time.  They did all the usual touristy things like visit Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alcatraz, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and New York, including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden to name a few.  In Las Vegas, Braden drove a Lamborghini and a Porsche around a race track at a reasonably high speed and he was stoked when the instructor told him he was a pretty good driver!

However, the highlight of his trip was going to Minnesota and meeting his friend Toby in person for the first time after knowing him online for ten years.  Braden was also thrilled that he was able to meet Kathy, the mother of a much admired rap artist, Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen, who had passed away in October 2010, and with whom he had corresponded online.  He considered himself extremely fortunate to be able to go to Eyedea's recording studio and also go with Toby to the park in St Paul, Minnesota, where there is a memorial to Eyedea.

But the generosity didn't stop there.  They say what goes around comes around, and this was certainly the case with Braden.  His generous nature was being repaid by not only family and friends who generously gave money but also by complete strangers who wanted to help him.  He was given so many gifts and donations of money.  Some of these included a trip to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania so that Braden could see snow; a hot air balloon ride;  a ride in a small plane where Braden was actually able to take the controls and land the plane.  He didn't get to go to the Isle of Man and ride in the motor bike race there but was given a patch for his jacket by a complete stranger who had read about his ambition.

Friends and colleagues of both Bernie and Zoe at USQ also gave generously at different times to ensure that money was raised for Braden to achieve some of his dreams like visiting Canberra, having some weekends away, and having a photo session for the whole family before Elliot left Australia to live in California.  The family has some wonderful memories because of the generosity of these lovely people.

During this time, Braden also did his bit to bring awareness of melanomas to the public by doing radio, television and newspaper interviews.  He appeared on radio shows locally and in Canberra.  Braden wanted to do his bit so that future melanoma sufferers don't have to go through what he's been through. 

Darryl and Bernie particularly want to pay tribute to all of the medical staff who helped Braden during the last two and a half years.  From the wonderful ambulance staff who came to his rescue on many occasions, the staff at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, the staff in the Emergency Department at the Toowoomba Base Hospital, the doctors and nurses in the Critical Care Ward and the staff in the oncology ward, including the palliative care doctors and nurses, the Blue Care nurses, and his GP, all of whom tried their utmost for Braden.  Thank you to all of those wonderful people for their care and compassion for our beloved Braden.  Many of those staff were impressed by Braden's positive attitude even when seriously ill.  Darryl and Bernie were told by a nursing sister in the Critical Care Ward that just before she put him into a coma in October 2015 he said to her "Thank you for looking after me."  What more can parents ask for than to know that their child remembered their manners even at a time like that?

Braden was part of a very tight-knit group of friends and these guys, or "the boyfriends" as Zoe calls them, have been absolutely wonderful to Braden during the last couple of years.  The boyfriends and their partners would visit Braden regularly and even though he might not have had much energy towards the end to contribute much to the conversations, they just sat with him and chatted about what they were doing and all the good times they had had together.  The boys prepared a memory book for Braden where they each put down their thoughts about what Braden meant to them and he was very touched when they presented this to him a few months ago.

Darryl and Bernie were hesitant to start naming individual people today but there are some who simply need to be named.  Braden's best friends, "the boyfriends" meant so much to him.  To:

Nathan Hunter and his partner Andrea Davis,

Zack Wilson and his partner Louise Bowden,

Lachlan O'Connell

Jack Mathewson

Bob Ashford, and

Tom Poole.

Thank you so much for being Braden's best friends, his other family, for being there for him through happy times and sad, and particularly for sticking with him right to the end.  He loved you guys.

There are also two "girlfriends", Dannii and Rachel Hohn, and Rachel's partner Dean, who should be mentioned today.  These lovely young ladies have known Braden since they were teenagers working together at Sam's Warehouse and have been true friends to Braden since that time.  Thank you for being such good friends to Braden and for always being there for him.


Throughout his illness, Braden never complained about his situation and only shed a tear on a couple of occasions.  It was those around him who shed the tears and wondered how he could be so strong in the face of the hand that was dealt to him.  When Bernie told Braden at the end of July that she had taken time off work to help care for him, he said "Mum, don't waste all your leave looking after me.  You and Dad should go away somewhere for a nice holiday."  Such was his concern for others.

Darryl and Bernie are so grateful for the time they had with Braden, particularly the last couple of months when they were going to his house nearly every day to care for him while Zoe was at work.  A new bond developed between parents and son during that time; love for each other was expressed freely each day and many memories of Braden's childhood were revisited.  Braden told his parents that he remembered growing up in a happy home and had a wonderful childhood, and that he had had a great life.

Darryl and Bernie would like to thank their families and friends, and Zoe's family, for their kindness and generosity to Braden, and to themselves over the last two and a half years.  A sincere thank you also to all of those wonderful people who prayed for Braden during his journey.  Many of those people had never even met Braden but were friends of Darryl and Bernie or their extended families and friends.  Your prayers were certainly of great comfort during this very difficult time.  Thank you also to Cassie Thomson for singing today.

Darryl and Bernie want to sincerely thank Braden's fiancée, Zoe, for staying by Braden throughout his ordeal.  In December 2014, when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Braden gave Zoe the option to walk away but she chose to stay with him.  Zoe has been a marvellous support to Braden, particularly during the last couple of months when he was able to do less and less for himself.  It must have been very difficult for a young woman to face the challenges that she did.  Zoe and Braden had so many plans for the future together and it is so sad that those plans will not be realised. Thank you, Zoe, for your love and wonderful care of Braden.

There are so many more stories that could be told about Braden but that would take all day and then some.  Darryl and Bernie hope that this insight into the too-short life of their beloved son will give you some idea of why he was so loved and will be missed and remembered every day for the rest of their lives.  Thank you to everybody who has sent messages of sympathy and support, for the flowers, the food, and to each one of you for coming here today.  Your presence is truly appreciated.


 Braden had an amazing zest for life and lived his life to the full from the time he was a little boy.  He wanted to try to leave a legacy of being the fastest terminally ill person under 25 on a motor bike by riding his bike at about 340kph, but notwithstanding many attempts to arrange this, it just was not allowed to take place.  Braden was assured however, by many family members and friends, that he will leave a legacy - that of his loyalty, generosity, tenacity and love for his family and friends.  Since Braden's passing, Zoe has been contacted by a lady in the USA seeking permission to use his interviews as inspirational material for those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.  He has certainly left a legacy!


 Those closest to Braden will always remember the impact he had on their lives and will never forget him.  Darryl and Bernie are quite convinced that Heaven is bound to be a livelier place since Braden's arrival!


 We love you Braden and will never forget you. 


Rest in peace mate - you deserve it!

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