Mother tells jury of hearing her daughter had been tortured

A HEART-broken Mackay mother has described to a jury the moment her daughter telephoned to say her boyfriend had repeatedly bashed and tortured her while holding her hostage for three days.

The woman's daughter, who can not be named, spent six hours on Tuesday telling her version of events in her former boyfriend's Brisbane District Court trial.

Her former lover, 33, has pleaded not guilty to raping the woman with three household items during her ordeal in September, 2011.

The pair had met in June, 2011, via the online dating site RSVP.

The woman's mother told the jury she had a close relationship with her daughter and they spoke on a daily basis.

Crown Prosecutor Sarah Dennis, who had earlier dropped two of the rape charges, asked the mother to recall a conversation she had with her daughter in the days before she was meant to travel to Mackay for her brother's birthday in 2011.

"She rang me up and told me he had bashed her," a sobbing mother told the jury.

"She then said he had poured bleach over her."

The mother was then asked to describe what she saw when she arrived at the hospital the following day after flying down from Mackay.

However, Judge Nicholas Samios stopped the line of questioning from Ms Dennis as the woman's mother became too emotional and her daughter's extensive injuries were not in dispute.

The court then heard from the woman's boss who worked with the woman during her time as the director of a major Brisbane festival.

Ms Henry told the court she was one of three people who went to the woman's place after receiving a frantic call from her outlining the incident.

"When we got to her house she opened up her dressing gown and said look what he did to me," she said.
"I saw all the burns and all the other injuries.

"I could tell she was broken and in a lot of pain.

"She also said she had been starved and not allowed to drink anything over the three days."

The trial before Judge Samios continues.

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