Keith and Helen Cobon receive life membership.
Keith and Helen Cobon receive life membership. Samantha Wantling

Members of the show for life

LIFE membership into any society is an honour for those who receive it.

Keith and Helen Cobon are no exception, as they were awarded life membership into the Stanthorpe Show Society on Friday.

The couple have worked tirelessly to help the Stanthorpe show become what it is today.

Mr Cobon said he was amazed when he found out he was receiving the award.

"We've been doing a fair bit for the show for a long time,” he said.

"But so many people do so many things for the show that get life membership.

"I haven't been president or anything like that.”

Keith and Helen arrived in Stanthorpe in 1964 where Keith commenced work with Winchcombe Carson Ltd.

He worked for several years to become a primac special agent for Dalgety Winchcombe then Dalgety auctioneers in the early 1970's.

For 53 years, Keith Cobon has severed on the Shows wool and sheep committee, providing a trophy every year.

"Firstly it was part of the Winchcombe Carson, then the Dalgety, then Stanthorpe Stock and Realty,” he said.

"Now we just give the Keith Cobon and family trophy.”

Mr Cobon said his involvement with the committee came about from his line of work.

"It's part of your whole livelihood of living on an agency field that you attend all these things,” he said.

"It became of great interest being part of your job and your livelihood.”

Alongside Cec Mann, Mr Cobon started open auction cattle sales in Stanthorpe in the late 1960s.

"It was always a pleasure to be on the cattle committee for such a long time,” he said.

"We worked out what prizes and events they would have for the show.”

In 1984 they built a liveweight facility.

He said they used to sell the cattle in a ring selling situation, where it eventually changed to selling into pens.

Keith Cobon was the force behind the start of the annual blue ribbon weiner sales.

He said there used to be a lot of smaller orchard around that had a few quality cattle.

"We sold about once a year with that weiner sale,” he said.

"We got probably around 800 to 1000 head.”

He was instrumental in starting the sale which continues to this day.

The Cobon's have also been supporters of Pony Club, with four of Mr Cobon's sons going through pony club.

As they say behind every great man is his wife, and Helen Cobon is no


She has supported Keith and his endeavours throughout his career.

"She was always there helping whenever we wanted to do anything.”

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