A Melbourne Renegades fan appears to make a white power salute after a Cameron White four against the Stars.
A Melbourne Renegades fan appears to make a white power salute after a Cameron White four against the Stars.

Fan apologises for ‘accidental’ white power salute

THE man embroiled in a Big Bash racism investigation has apologised profusely for his poor attempt at "humour".

Brendan McMahon, a Melbourne Renegades member, has been issued with a warning by Cricket Australia.

He said there is no way to justify his actions, which he described as "a pun" and wants to meet with the club to convey his remorse.

"Any racist undertone was purely accidental," he wrote in his apology.

"I understand that casual racism is a very serious matter and can have far reaching consequences.

"Undoubtedly you (the Renegades) have seen the image of my 'salute' gesture while mouthing 'White Power'. This was purely a pun directed at Cameron White who just hit a boundary. It was in no way a deliberate reference or show of support to a racist group. The gesture itself certainly highlighted just how poor my decision and choice of humour was."

McMahon said he was "horrified" to have woken up at the centre of the incident.

"This is a highly embarrassing situation not only for myself and those who I may have offended but also the Renegades brand," he said

"Please understand this does not represent me or my character in any way. I am a proud family man and great role model who had an error of judgment. I would like to unreservedly apologise.

"I am a foundation member of the club with no history or poor behaviour and will strive to assist in stamping out this sort of behaviour moving forward."

McMahon was wearing a Melbourne Renegades singlet when he made the salute - which can be used as a symbol of racism by white supremacists - and was caught by television cameras and noticed by fans watching at home.

Cricket Australia issued him with an official warning on Sunday morning and referred the matter to Victoria Police.

"We have a zero tolerance approach to racial vilification at any of our matches," a Cricket Australia spokesperson told the Herald Sun on Sunday morning.

"The matter at the MCG has been referred to Victoria Police for further investigation."

However, a Victoria Police spokesman condemned the act but said it is not a prosecutable offence to make the gesture.

The Melbourne Cricket Club said it would cooperate fully and provide any video footage it could.

It said it did not receive any formal complaint on Saturday night.

"The MCC take allegations of anti social behaviour, in particular racial vilification, very seriously," a spokesperson said.

"Whilst our security team did not receive a formal complaint about the incident during the match, we have referred the matter to Victoria Police and we will provide them with any relevant security footage which may aid their investigation into this matter."

Cricket Australia has a history of vigilance on the issue, last year banning a fan for three years following an incident of racism in Hobart.

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