Meet my funny new best friend; she is such a comedian

HAVE you ever met someone and known you could be best friends?

No matter your age, besties are the best.

They cheer you on in good times, commiserate in bad, and bitch with you about the mediocre, to liven things up.

I've met many people over the years; some who inspired me, some less inspiring, and some who were just plain crazy and I wanted to quietly slink away before they noticed I was gone.

Last weekend I meet someone who was my kind of crazy.

We are both in our 40s, were both shy teenagers and both now have bathroom etiquette rules.

She admitted to dumping a guy because he drank his morning coffee and read a newspaper while on the loo.

I would have too.

She also admitted to cleaning public toilets in need.

Harry Bruce cartoon Supermum November 21
Harry Bruce cartoon Supermum November 21


I understand why. What on earth goes on in there for them to end up looking like a crime scene anyway?

I myself have been known to send out "all staff" emails asking co-workers to remember things like replacing toilet rolls.

For goodness sake ladies, you are already sitting down, how hard it is to remove the old roll and put the new one in its place?

Sometimes it is our differences that make a friendship work.

She doesn't have kids, so I am more than happy to share mine.

She could help my partner and I by letting us have a date night, and we could help her too, when loaning them out, reinforcing the benefits of not having kids.

I'm also the type of person who can't tell jokes.

I'm either too busy laughing to tell the punch line properly or forget it completely. But I assure everyone one, it was a good one. You had to be there.

However, my new potential bestie is great at telling jokes. She had everyone in stitches, for hours.

But it wasn't until we posed for a pic together at the end of the night that I knew she was a kindred spirit.

Watching my friend struggle to work my iPhone camera as they took a pic of us, she winked and suggested I check the pic before I go. Just what I was thinking! She totally gets me.

So Kitty Flanagan, next time you come to Rockhampton, look me up.

I just know we can be BFFs.

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