Thirst for revenge led to bashing

A STANTHORPE man bent on revenge and who used violence to try to find the person responsible for stabbing his brother has been placed on parole.

Graeme Stephen Tunstall faced Warwick District Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to charges of burglary, common assault and assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard the 30-year-old punched his victim in the head when the man refused to reveal who had stabbed Tunstall's brother.

Tunstall and his brother had attended the victim's home on November 2 last year, where Tunstall and the victim became involved in a wrestling match.

Once things calmed down, Tunstall and his brother left the property.

A short time later, Tunstall's brother realised he had been stabbed. The injury was not life-threatening and was treated with three stitches.

The two men immediately returned to the property, with Tunstall later telling police he was motivated to exact revenge on the person who had stabbed his brother.

On arriving back at the victim's caravan, Tunstall walked through an unlocked door and began to interrogate one of the men who was at the property earlier.

When the man who he had earlier wrestled remained "rude" and unco-operative by refusing to tell him who had knifed his brother, Tunstall became agitated.

The court heard Tunstall then punched the man in the head once, fracturing his skull.

The victim was not the person who stabbed Tunstall's brother.

Fortunately Tunstall's victim did not require surgery and the fracture healed on its own.

The victim was prescribed pain medication for his injury and suffered headaches as a result of the attack.

Defence counsel for Tunstall, John Bailey, told the court the accused was a single father who had custody of his 11-year-old daughter.

Mr Bailey said his client was very intoxicated on the night in question but had almost completely stopped drinking since then.

Judge Julie Ryrie said it was with some reluctance that she would release Tunstall back into the community, chastising him for entering a property with the intention of inciting violence.

Tunstall left the court with a stern advice to "grow up" and "get off the drink".

He was sentenced to two years jail, but was immediately paroled.

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