The woman had her jaw broken.
The woman had her jaw broken. John Gass

Man knocks girlfriend out, then she gets revenge

A "HAY-MAKER" to the face of a young mother at a service station knocked her to the ground, breaking her jaw.

Her drunk partner, Richard David Hill, was the attacker, Bundaberg District Court was told.

With metal plates and screws holding her jaw together, the woman, after her release from hospital scored a payback of sorts.

After finding Hill boozing in a park, she beat him with a hockey stick.

Hill, 28, pleaded guilty to assault causing grievous bodily harm to the woman on October 29.

Crown prosecutor Sandra Cupina said Hill and the woman, 23, were both intoxicated and while walking through the service station he suddenly punched her in the face and she lost consciousness.

Witnesses say there had been a verbal argument and described Hill as "launching a massive hay-maker into her face".

When told police were on their way, Hill fled the scene.

Ms Cupina said while in hospital it was discovered that the woman suffered a miscarriage but a subsequent investigation found it had not been caused by the assault.

Suffering pain the woman could only eat soft pureed food for six weeks afterwards.

Ms Cupina said the woman, after her release from hospital, saw Hill in a park drinking and as a form of retribution hit him with a hockey stick so he felt it and knew how she felt.

The offence resulted in Hill, on parole at the time, being sent back to jail to serve the balance of a previous sentence for an assault of a Bundaberg police officer after spitting into his face.

That sentence ends on September 12.

Ms Cupina also outlined to Judge Terry Martin SC the growing criminal offences of Hill, saying Hill in the past 13 years had spent time every year in custody for dishonesty offences including burglary, or violence.

Ms Cupina said he received jail terms for offences such as violence against a woman, and attempted robbery, and had hit a German backpacker in the head with a piece of wood.

Defence barrister Rob East said Hill could remember little that night as he'd been drinking for two days straight.

His drinking had worsened following the death of his twin brother with Hill turning to alcohol to cope.

Hill agreed that his partner found him drinking in the park and she attacked him with the hockey stick.

"He guessed he deserved it and bore her no ill will," Mr East said.

"You have a bad criminal history for burglary and entering premises, and a relevant history for violence," Judge Terry Martin SC said.

"You delivered a vicious full-blooded punch to her face.

"It knocked her to the ground... unconscious with fractures to her jaw."

Hill was sentenced to three years jail with Judge Martin setting a parole eligibility date of July 24.

He said the assault would be recorded as a domestic violence offence.

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