Mally McMurtrie
Mally McMurtrie APN

Mally McMurtrie

MALLY McMurtrie is standing for mayor in the 2012 Warwick local elections.


Maintenance Roads, safety paramount, roads cost lives;

Security of water, future and now, affordable water pricing;

Preserve lifestyle, promote a safe community;

Proactively seek new industry to firm up employment;

Secure our share of State and Federal  Grants;

Lobby  to place Local Government rightfully in our constitution;

No fracking/mining within our Region, protect good agricultural land;

Community participation, transparency and respect are important to me;

Rate increases to be lower, in line with prediction in our 10 year financials;

Business acumen, strong team, balanced leadership, dignity at the table.



Corporal Auditor Women's Royal Australian Air force;

Personal Assistant to Nicholas Malouf;

Stanthorpe Barry & Roberts, Assistant Manager;

President Women's Committee Rugby League;

President Stanthorpe Chamber of Commerce;

Director Apple and Grape Committee;

President of The Heritage Arts Festival;

Mentor Stanthorpe State High School;

Community Representative Queensland Police Force;

Manager Rockman's and Stanthorpe Plaza twenty years;

Councillor Stanthorpe Shire Council thirteen years;

Deputy Mayor Stanthorpe four years;

State Conduct Review Panel  Queensland;

State Local Government Women's Association Executive;

Chairman Hospital Committee Stanthorpe.



• There is a concern about bureaucratic control stifling the power of council. What way is there to stop top management from having so much control? Is the red tape in the planning department stopping development? Does the CEO have too much power?
• The Local Government Act states that the Mayor conveys the Councillors decisions to the CEO and the CEO has the power to act and make sure these deliberations are carried out.
• Developments are held up due to a myriad of reasons and some of the red tape is necessary to ensure the right outcome.

• CSG issue. Would you as mayors move to protect the region? Do you see opportunities for this region to benefit from CSG or only dangers?
• As a food producing region, and growing as Tourism Destination I think the last thing we need is something to put our water and crop production at risk. Maintaining our roads with nominal traffic is costly enough, without having high usage with heavy mining equipment.

• The key to a successful team is its members. Pick your team of eight councillors with a brief explanation of why. Pick your deputy. Who wouldn't you have?

• I agree the key to a successful team is its members, so before you vote makes sure they are hardworking, intelligent and empathetic towards your region. As they say, action speaks louder than words and the pen is mightier than the sword. You have the ballot paper and you have the pen, choose wisely. Remember the faintest of ink is better than the best of memory.

• What would be your five specific priorities in your first 100 days after election?

• Set expectations for councillors and CEO. These would include professionalism, integrity, respect, innovation and teamwork. We need to get up to speed ASAP. There is no us and them, we are all in it together

• Budget and Rates pathway developed and Services maintain status quo.

• Develop application strategy for State Government grants and funding. We can't afford to miss the boat on any of this new money.

• Develop a better way of tracking complaints queries so it doesn't end up he said, she said.

• Road show to the people with community consultation to pick up on the real issues out there

• How would you support and encourage council and the wider community to shop locally? What do you think about the current shop local campaign? How would you address the issue of Warwick businesses being used for Stanthorpe jobs and vice versa?

• The council should lead by example, many years ago as a new councillor I battled to get a fair deal for local businesses with a buy local policy if within the 10% of the competition. Having said this I see the council in a support role of helping businesses to help themselves. This may be some form of council  support channelled through the Chamber of Commerce to hold business workshops that encompass value adding initiatives  by working together as a region

• There is a fear council jobs in the south are being whittled downs by natural attrition and indeed the office could close. What will you do to ensure council jobs still exist in Stanthorpe?
• We are in the people business and while ever there are people in Stanthorpe it will be business as usual.

• What is your opinion on deamalgamation?

• What the State Government has done can only be undone by the State Government and the people. 

• There was an obscene rate rise in last budget. Was it acceptable, what would you do to ensure no more of the same?

• The biggest contributors to the pain were the Valuer Generals Department, Re- Land Valuations and brining the 2 rating systems together.  Indications are we are moving in the right direction now and that our ten year plan states a rate rise this year around 6.2%

• What do you think council needs to do to facilitate business and help business growth in the region?
• Need to maintain a strong Economic Development Unit to actively seek out potential investors and new business that are a good fit for our region and do not compromise good agricultural land, our lifestyle or the businesses already here.

• WIRAC would you privatise. Mowing of sports fields in either end of region?
•  Recent audit studies indicate  there may be opportunities to offset some of these costs and continue providing these important services

• Tourism. What do you think of the current tourism structure? What is your vision for tourism in the region?

• The current structure is undergoing a major review, my vision is for Tourism to take its' rightful place as our second biggest industry.

• What parts of the community plan would you implement as a priority? How would you do so? Have you read the community plan?

• It's all about needs and wants, and the initial focus should be on what is needed to promote a healthy and safe community and the wants can fall out when grants become available.

• I have read the community plan.

• How would you cut the budget? Do you have the economic skills to put together a budget in such a short period of time?

• I see financial management as one of my strengths. Business decisions on the usability of some of assets come under the spotlight. We need to review and trim some of the low use high cost areas of our business.

• Which council sporting fields/facilities/complexes within our region should council maintain as part of its community obligations.

• We need to continue supporting and promoting sport in our region, but need to investigate ways to offset the dollar impact on the budget.

• Have you recently been to a Southern Downs Council meeting? If so, what did you learn, if not how do you know what to expect from your job?
• Over 17 years I have worked under several Mayors each with their own leadership style. My approach is we need to run a well oiled and organised Business, with exceptional Customer service, after all, it is all about the people.

• Your biggest achievement in the last four years and biggest mistake?
• Being a hardworking member of a team that had to make some tough decisions to clear the pathway and to ensure the future of our region.
• As I am only human I probably have made my share of mistakes over the last four years but on the positive I try not to make the same one twice.

• Why should we vote for you?
• What you see is what you get, I have nothing personally to gain, but your respect, by driving professionalism through the business you call council, it will once again be all about the people and the services we provide.

• Tell us your vision for the region?
• To be a progressive and prosperous area of Queensland that people want to live in and visit, and at the same time maintain our uniqueness as a safe and happy place to bring up the future generations.


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