Another chance for repeat offender

DURING the past four years, serial offender Andrew Neville Boney has thumbed his nose at the law and made a mockery of the penalties imposed on him.

The Warwick man found himself back before the courts yet again this week as a result of an abusive tirade on police during rodeo weekend.

During proceedings, the 22 year old this week admitted to Acting Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist that he had so far paid not one cent towards the fines he has accumulated during his criminal history.

The court also heard Boney failed to complete a community service order, which his lawyer conceded was likely caused by either a lack of motivation, lack of transport or alcohol.

Magistrate Stjernqvist pointed out what a "cruisey" world Boney lived in, having rarely been made accountable for his criminal actions.

The court heard Boney had never made an attempt to repay his debt to society through fines and ignored community-based orders.

Magistrate Stjernvist told Boney there was no deterrent for his "obnoxious, insolent, belligerent, drunken behaviour".

"What's the fallout to you for behaving like that?" he asked.

"Nothing. You're immune and you know that."

Boney - who has two pages of criminal history - was directed to go home by police after they found him drunkenly wandering the streets at 6am on October 29.

Instead of abiding by the direction, Boney proceeded to the middle of the road and danced in the street.

He was again instructed to go home but remained unco-operative and taunted police by barking at them and yelling "come on dogs, come and get me".

Boney looked set to serve time behind bars when the magistrate asked him where he was spending Christmas and then quickly changed the question to "where had you planned to spend Christmas?".

A stony-faced Boney had little to say in response as he awaited his fate.

He was allowed to walk free from the court after being sentenced to three months jail, wholly suspended for 12 months.

He was also fined $200.

Magistrate Stjernqvist told Boney he didn't think he would make it through the 12-month period but urged Boney to prove him wrong.

Member for Southern Downs Lawrence Springborg slammed the actions of criminals like Boney who flaunt their blatant disregard for the law.

"People are given chance after chance when they take liberties and thumb their noses at the law, they have spurned any consideration they should be given," he said.

Mr Springborg said people were given choices in life and one of them should not to be to take the court system for a ride.

"Some people are born with an attitude of not caring, no responsibility, no obligations to society and no commitment to being a decent community member," he said.

He added that it was the "annoying minority" who behaved in such a disrespectful manner.

"The majority of people don't do this but gee whiz, isn't the community upset - and understandably so - that people keep getting away with it," Mr Springborg said.

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