The nominees for Budgie Smuggler's Australia's Most Ordinary Rig competition.
The nominees for Budgie Smuggler's Australia's Most Ordinary Rig competition. Budgie Smuggler

Mackay's ordinary rig is back

MACKAY's 'most ordinary rig' is back from the big smoke of Sydney after flaunting what he's got to the nation.

He may not have taken the title of Budgie Smuggler's 'Australia's Most Ordinary Rig' and is only coming home with "a good hangover that's about it", but Morgan Webster is still a hero in our eyes.

The kit came off once again and more than one beer was had with the boys while strutting his stuff in an attempt to claim victory.

After the competition on Wednesday, the only thing he would've changed is "don't get too blotto the night before".

"I remember hitting a rail [in the pool] and stuffed that up badly and everyone laughed, I think they knew I had a bit to drink," he said.

"I brought mum for show and tell, my talent was rhythmic gymnastics which is something I should've practised but I didn't at all."

It was also his mum's birthday so he thought "I'd give back something to her because she deserves it".

Mr Webster said there was a meet and greet the night before the event with all 10 nominees.

Sitting at third from the favourite, he said he decided to go home early but it all went wrong when he kicked on with his mate.

Mr Webster said the nominees got sent an email to "take it easy on the day", but "me being me, I'm either sober or going as hard as I can".

Sean Dixon from Adelaide took out first place, Mr Webster was happy it went to a "really good bloke who took the mickey out of himself".

Although he didn't take the title, he was happy to settle with a kiss from George Rose.

"Probably the only thing I'll get. But he's like the epitome of ordinary," he said.

"I felt like I won anyway, it was a really good event. Hard to top that - it's definitely something to remember."

He's humbled by the support from the entire town and is grateful local businesses got behind him in making personalised budgie smuggler cupcakes and creating his Victoria Secret Fashion chicken nugget wings.

It's "straight to bed" and back to work Monday for Mr Webster.

While he still wants to send the message that beer bellies are better than a completely shredded Instagram blogger, he said he thinks he'll join a gym.

"I've been going a bit too hard for a while now, so I think it's time to pull up for a bit."

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