River road dispute comes to head

A LONG-running dispute over cattle grazing on the Condamine River Road near Killarney came to a head on September 5.

Matthew Alexander Weier appeared in the Warwick Magistrates Court on Wednesday charged with common assault after the September altercation.

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Steve de Lissa told the court Weier was agitated when his cattle were being chased on the Condamine River Road by a person with whom he had been having a long-running dispute.

The court heard after a dispute, a 13-year-old boy of a similar height to Weier stepped between him and the other man, which led to Weier punching him once in the face, causing the boy to fall to the ground.

Weier’s defence counsel, Geoff Hobson, told the court immediately after Weier struck the boy, he helped him off the ground, shook his hand and apologised.

“He’s deeply apologetic of his actions on that day,” Hobson said.

Hobson said Weier reacted to the man coming towards him cracking a whip, and took his frustrations out on the boy who intervened.

This was the first court appearance for 42-year-old Weier, who lives at Rosenthal Heights, works as a farm hand and has two children.

Magistrate Anne Thacker said this kind of behaviour was unacceptable in the community.

“A strong message must be sent to the community that this is not acceptable behaviour – he just lost it,” she said.

“You’re a 42-year-old man, you’ve never been in trouble with the law before, it is unacceptable to hit a 13-year-old, let alone to hit any body.”

Weier was fined $350 or failing that four days in prison and Magistrate Thacker chose not to record a conviction on his criminal record.

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