Local heritage list expands

THE rights of property owners with listings in the new council Local Heritage Register still seemed to cause some confusion for councillors at Wednesday's general meeting.

Cr Ross Bartley questioned whether or not there was a formal appeal process for the last of the properties to be officially added to the list.

Planning and Environment Services director Ken Harris said there was no formal avenue specifically for people to appeal the decision but there were methods by which people could protest their inclusion.

"For example, if there was a submission that brought to light new facts which weren't previously available then council would consider that," he said.

"People have that right at any stage."

But this didn't seem to appease councillors who wanted to know how people could appeal before they gave the updated list the go-ahead.

Cr Ross Bartley said he wanted clarification.

"People should be made aware that (there is a process) if they don't agree," Cr Bartley said.

Mr Harris said the process would be like other submissions property owners made to council.

"It would be the same as if they were applying to realign a boundary," he said.

There was also confusion over the differences between the state and local registers.

Mr Harris said the state listings were more about the significance of places "for example a tree" and the local one was more about developments or buildings.

"We do have quite a number of those on both," he said.

Mr Harris said council "provisions" would come into play when owners of properties on the heritage list submitted development applications which would change the material use of the buildings.

"Not painting a building, or changing a building that does not require change of use," he said.

A number of properties were entered into the list through a motion passed at the meeting, with a recommendation to give notice to the owners.

The successful recommendation also resolved the list would be adopted at the same time as the Southern downs Planning Scheme.


The register

Adoption of the register to occur same time as Southern Downs Panning Scheme.

People have right to make submissions to be taken off the list if new information comes to light.

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