Living the dream

EVER wanted to star in a reality TV show?

Your opportunity awaits: Cordell Jigsaw, an Australian film company, will film at the Allora Show on Friday February 10, as part of a groundbreaking documentary series to be seen on ABC2.

In what will be a documentary series, the host will travel to Delhi in India and beyond to investigate anti-Australian sentiment.

He'll meet three influential and opinionated Indians who believe everything they've heard about us. But then he invites them back to Australia to join him on a journey that will show them - and us - the real Australia.

Their Aussie Road Trip will put Australia under the microscope. Together they'll hear the personal stories and opinions of Aussies, characters and larrikins, immigrants and trailblazers alike who contribute to our national identity.

They'll experience local cultural traditions, all the while putting their own pre-conceptions, theories and opinions to the test.

The series will not be an airbrushed vision of Australia but a country revealed with warts and all. At its heart, Aussie Road Trip is a documentary series of travel adventures, social experiments and fish out-of-water experiences.

The series will offer a view of who Australians really are in the 21st century and investigate whether we are true to the reputation that appears to precede us in some areas of the globe.

For a chance to feature in this amazing experience, enter in as many Allora Show exhibit classes as you can.

The stars of the documentary want to watch the events and judging, so it's a great opportunity for Allora to dispel those supposed opinions of Aussies and show just what the Best Little Town on the Downs has to offer.

Might be best not to mention the cricket though.

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