Harry's view on ScoMo's Legion of Merit from Trump.
Harry's view on ScoMo's Legion of Merit from Trump.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Looking back on a tough year



Christmas message

This year has brought with it some of the greatest challenges we have faced in Australia. From drought, to devastating bushfires and a global pandemic, it would be fair to say that we are all looking forward to a fresh new year.

But as we look forward to Christmas and the New Year, it is important to note that in every situation that comes our way, there is always good to be found.

On behalf of The Salvation Army, we want to share with you some of the good we have seen throughout this year, and our hope for Christmas and the New Year.

When the bushfires hit last Summer, they were some of the worst that our country had ever seen.

The Salvos saw the impact first-hand, with our workers supporting front line first responders even before the bushfire season had begun as they worked hard to avoid the devastation that eventually impacted those bushfire-affected regions.

The way that Australians came together during the bushfires was remarkable, from practical on-ground support to international campaigns, all for the purpose of helping our fellow Aussies in their time of need.

During the horrific drought that has ravaged so much of rural Australia for years, The Salvos have seen the iconic Aussie spirit in full effect.

Our rural chaplains have come alongside many rural families affected by drought and have been able to provide very practical support, which has been warmly welcomed by so many in rural regions.

Rural communities are resilient and tough, and yet our chaplains have been embraced by these communities leading to deep and lasting friendships.

COVID-19 has been extremely damaging to our economy, with many families and individuals having been placed under extreme financial and emotional strain.

However, even during a pandemic, a strong thread of mateship has emerged as communities have found creative ways to support each other.

Local Salvation Army Mission centres have also been busy supporting locals in their communities.

Looking forward now to Christmas, the Salvos want to encourage everyone to embrace the season and take this opportunity to connect with loved ones.

Spending time with family (either in-person or online), sharing a meal with those you love, taking time away with friends, or by engaging in the joy of giving to one another this Christmas.

The Salvos also know that Christmas can be a time of stress, financial pressure and loneliness for some Aussies doing it tough.

New research conducted for The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal showed that 74 per cent of Aussies didn't know where to go for financial support this Christmas.

The Salvos want you to know that we are here this Christmas; if you need financial support, presents for the kids, food for Christmas Day or just a community to belong to, please reach out to your local Salvos.

For the Salvos, the true meaning of Christmas is found in the birth of Jesus.

Jesus brought hope into the world. A hope for a better tomorrow, a hope that no matter what we have done or where we have been, we are loved.

A hope that nothing can separate us from Jesus' love.

So, this Christmas, the Salvos encourage you to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy the festive season as we come together with our family and friends.

From The Salvation Army, we wish you, your family and friends a very Happy Christmas.

Major Bruce Harmer, The Salvation Army's National Public Relations Secretary




Harry's view on ScoMo's Legion of Merit from Trump.
Harry's view on ScoMo's Legion of Merit from Trump.



Gladys Berejiklian has called for some Christmas compassion as she slammed harsh border closures. It comes as 115 people were refused entry to Queensland.


Craig Henderson: If only the politicians just stopped importing the virus. Oh well.

Tony Ammann: It is not only Queensland that has shut them out, it is the other states as well.

Leesa Tomlinson: It's all a con. They say get home now before border shuts if you've been in greater Sydney region. So they all bolt home no isolation etc before 12.59am. But when the time hits 1.01 it's an issue and fines. Did they all just become infected after all Anna told them to make a hasty move.

Step Holden: Just move the border south, make life easier for everyone, single point of control and none of this live in one state, business/work in another state (which is rather crap anyway) … but Gladys is already on record with her inept reply to that suggestion but poor old Gladys didn't really have a good understanding then but she has to be coming to some real understanding soon, surely?

Chad Stokes: We don't want it in Queensland, Gladys, real good Xmas compassion to help spread COVID-19 real smart, wake up to yourself.

Tashii Murphy: She needs to worry about her own state not everyone else's.

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