Harry's view on mining camp quarantine plans.
Harry's view on mining camp quarantine plans.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: A house divided cannot stand


A house divided

The most dangerous time in narcissistic relationship breakdowns, is separation.

The Republican Party “stand by (their) man”, spooked by death threats and concern for their 2024 election prospects, believing he will renominate.

The “gun lobby” votes Republican, which speaks louder than Trump’s tweets.

The cowards refused, in majority, to impeach their President.

As for the 10 who crossed the floor with the Democrats, extremists have their number and, after the 6 January storming of the Capitol building, Republicans have understood the coded threats.

“Government by the people for the people” and, in line with their duty according to the Constitution, is the furtherest thing from their vote.

They are the Trump Party loyalists.

Trump’s insincere, hypocritical response to his violent base, suggesting “constraint”, is too little, too late.

His modus operandi of civil war and division, is reminiscent of their historical American Civil War, with only one winner.

“A house divided against itself, cannot stand”.

– Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

Saddened by state of town

As a Christmas visitor to Biloela, I was disappointed and saddened at the state of the town.

Grass and weeds growing not just on the pavements but in several places on the street as well.

The Civic Centre, the two state schools and the hospital looked like they had been abandoned for months.

Not a great look for this once proud town.

– Bernie Martin, Horse Camp


Harry's view on mining camp quarantine plans.
Harry's view on mining camp quarantine plans.


ANON. Queensland has a ‘Chancellorgate’ saga in the making, with authorities unaware of how persons are contracting COVID-19 in quarantine. And the Minister claims the response is “world class”. What planet is this Minister on?

ANON. So all of a sudden we have plenty running for mayor. Well where the hell where you when Margaret left us? You can stick your voting up your clacker.


A bid to house international arrivals in Queensland “mining camps” will be discussed at national cabinet next week. What do you think?

Kerryn Moulds: Noooooooooo.

Step Holden: Just can all the damn international flights, this is by far the best hierarchy of control.

Stuart Beer: I’m not saying I am for or against the proposal, but it would be negligent of the government not to explore all options. The reality is there are more than 3 million people living within 100km of Brisbane CBD hotels, but less than 100 thousand within 100km of Calliope. Before just saying no, I would want more information about safety measures and possible benefits to communities, ie upgrading of hospitals, roads, airports etc.

Amy Trowbridge: Geez how many do they plan giving COVID to?

David Smith: Stop bringing in overseas travellers and let some of the Aussies stranded overseas back in.

Sue Rush: How about using Christmas Island, keep everyone there until they are all cleared, then bring that lot back to the mainland, then bring another lot home.

Ammie Andrews: No, I feel rural communities are less equipped to deal with medical emergencies and the hospitals are already at full capacity since the Queensland Government has underfunded them for many, many years. Also I believe people in rural communities may be less likely to test as its not part of their “way of life”.

Darryl Black: Why are they still coming into Australia? We can’t travel interstate so why can they come into Australia.

Joanne Coulter: No … travelling distances in itself causes risk of spread. Quarantine should be to the shortest distance from point of entry.

Laurel Dahl Helm Prince: It is working in NT so why not Qld, I would be more concerned who foots the bill for the people going into isolation, ie; travel to and from Gladstone this is an added expense.

Helen Berry: Who knows how to set up a petition? This is madness.


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