Let’s give this freezing cold weather a warm send-off

Stanthorpe Art Gallery posted this photo some time back on Twitter showing the cold.
Stanthorpe Art Gallery posted this photo some time back on Twitter showing the cold.

SO LONG, farewell and good riddance ... to winter.

As I sit at my desk writing my last editorial for winter I can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment - I made it.

As anyone who has come into contact with me over the past few months would know, I'm the biggest wimp when it comes to cold weather.

If your next question is why did I move to the Granite Belt, then my answer is the wine... and the people ... oh, and the Border Post.

Certainly not the weather.

I cannot wait to fold away my electric blanket, two sets of flannelette sheets and two extra doonas.

My grandma won't know what to do with her weekends now she has no one to trawl through op shops to find jumpers for.

Though I won't miss the presents I sometimes find in those jumpers, like the used Band-Aid left inside one jumper she sent me a month or two ago - I probably wouldn't have minded so much if I'd found it before I'd already worn it for a day.

I'm sure no one in the office will miss my daily ritual of taking off my five layers of jackets and jumpers before putting them back on again every time I dared to venture outside.

And I certainly won't miss frozen taps and spending hours trying to get my fire going.

All I have to say is hello spring!

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