Let the sun shine on new fitness routine in great outdoors

NOW that spring is finally here it is time to head outside and start enjoying the outdoors after a long winter, where all we tend to do is hibernate indoors away from the cold and tucked up all warm and cosy in front of the TV and warmth of the home.

This is all very enticing at the beginning of winter, but after several months we start to feel restless and we start to yearn for the warmer weather and sunshine days.

In fact it has been shown that by the end of winter many people begin to feel a little flat from lack of vitamin D, which we can only get from the outdoors.

Already the sun is starting to come up a little earlier and with that so does our motivation and energy levels.

It's time to start packing away winter and head outdoors to enjoy the new spring season.

There are so many reasons to get outdoors - but for me it's all about being active and embracing life.

The beauty of the outdoors is you can do things on your own or you can do it with others.

Heading outdoors can:

  • Improve your mood and self-esteem - especially with the boost of vitamin D
  • Being active can improve fitness on so many levels - ranging from cardio fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, core development.
  • Add more variety to your fitness routine - there are so many different types of physical activities you can participate in outside, ranging from going for a simple walk, bush walking, running, swimming and rock climbing. The choices of activities are endless and, depending on what you choose to do, sometimes it can feel like you're not exercising at all.
  • Increase incidental exercise - burn extra calories, which can help with weight loss.
  • Increase sunlight - which can assist in management of pain levels and improve quality of sleep.

Trying out new adventurous activities can be so motivating.

Here are some different ideas to try this spring for outdoor fun - why not grab a friend and try one?

Stand-up paddle boarding: If you like water sports such as canoeing, kayaking or surfing then why not try paddle boarding next time you're at the beach, river or dam.

It's very much like standing on an oversized surfboard using a paddle for your guide though the water, it's a full-body workout that uses all of your muscles and the abs get a good going over.

Outdoor hot (non-Bikram) yoga: This one is a lot of fun.

Enjoy yoga in the heat outside - the only difference to Bikram is you might get to enjoy a cool breeze.

There are yoga studios that offer yoga outside - check out the parks.

If you already have a yoga practice, head to a beautiful spot in the mountains or by the breach and enjoy the serenity of the moment.

Working holiday: Here is something that is quite unusual but might appeal to someone who has spent their life in the city - a trip to an experiential farm where you get to stay and participate in the running of the property.

Sometimes some old-fashioned hard work will keep you super fit and help you appreciate another type of lifestyle.

So this spring let's get outside and start enjoying our great outdoors but most of all let's step out of the box and go on some new adventures by trying some new things.

As I always say to my clients, "variety is the spice of life".

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