Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner 'terrified' of Kanye West's music advice

KYLIE Jenner is reportedly "terrified" of asking Kanye West for his help in launching her music career.   

The 17-year-old star is keen to ditch reality TV and pursue the music avenue but she's worried about asking her half-sister Kim Kardashian West's husband for his advice because she fears he'd be too "critical."  

A source told the "There's two reasons Kylie isn't really hitting up Kanye for music pointers, and one is that she thinks he'd be way too critical of her. Maybe his criticism would be a good thing, maybe not. But she's a little terrified to work with him on music just because she's thinks he's too intense and too hardcore when it comes to his work ethic and she'd hate for that to somehow drift over and make it bad blood in the family.  

"She knows it's probably a mistake because Kanye is to rap what an ATM is to money. He's owns the game. He's prolific. But she's just not that interested."  

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star has started vocal lessons with a professional teacher as she'd like to be potentially as big as Katy Perry.   

A source said previously: "Kylie has found her calling in life -- to be a singer! Kylie is now working on her first single! She is telling everyone that she knows she is going to be the next Katy Perry."

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