Justine Jones.
Justine Jones.

Justine Jones murder trial shown handwritten love letters

SUNSHINE Coast barmaid Justine Jones received handwritten love letters from the man accused of murdering her "out of jealousy" and then dumping her body in a wheelie bin.

Richard Peter Coburn, 29, told the 22-year-old she was his "world" and he would do anything for her but he knew he had a lot to "make up for" and he would "wait" for her.

Coburn has pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court but prosecutor David Meredith told the jury yesterday the Crown would prove he was responsible.

Mr Meredith spoke about several domestic violence incidents, including a glassing where Justine ended up with 24 stitches to her shoulder blade and a choking allegation.

He said the pair had been in a relationship, with witnesses testifying they had a volatile relationship, but were not together when she died.

"He gets angry with her when she doesn't do what he wants, he's possessive, if she wants to leave he assaults her," he said.

"These incidents usually arise when both of them have been drinking.

"Justine was very pretty and attractive to men.

"It doesn't make her death any more tragic but it might explain it."

Mr Meredith said the prosecution did not have to prove motive but it might help the jury make its decision.

He said the pair had been at Justine's Alexandra Headland unit about to watch the third State of Origin match on July 7, 2010, when Justine's beau Nathan Lacey dropped by.

"I suggest the reason the reason she was murdered was because Richard Coburn was infatuated with her," he said.

"She was not so keen on him. Out of jealousy he killed her.

"The exact cause of Justine's death was unknown because her body was put into a wheelie bin, it remained there for six days before being collected by a rubbish truck with compacter.

"Her body was then compacted, taken to a Nambour landfill site where it was found on July 15, eight days after she was last seen.

"The decomposition and damage made it difficult for pathologists to give a cause of death.

"From the evidence you will hear, you'll be satisfied she met a violent end before she was put into a wheelie bin."

Mr Meredith said Justine's flatmate did not realise she was missing until about 24 hours later, when she went to clean up the mess they had left.

He said her flatmate saw Justine's bed had been stripped, clothes were missing and her room smelled like the cleaning product missing from their bathroom.

Mr Meredith said the woman went to vacuum but realised the metal pipe attachment was missing. That pipe, and Justine's new laptop, have never been recovered.

He said Coburn's interviews with police involved a story riddled with inconsistencies, not matching with evidence from Justine's friends, his friends, phone records or taxi records.

Coburn claimed Justine was in a skirt and dressed to go out when he left her just after the game and tried to point the finger at Mr Lacey.

The jury will hear DNA evidence that Coburn's fingerprint was found in Justine's blood on her doona which police found in a wheelie bin.

They also found Coburn's DNA and Justine's blood on the t-shirt he was seen wearing that night and on the one Justine was seen wearing that night, both found in bins.

Mr Meredith said there was a one in 4300 billion chance the blood belonged to someone other than Justine.

He said it was 2.9 million times more likely to be Coburn's DNA than any other person.

Mr Meredith said there was also a glass with Coburn's DNA in Justine's bedroom even though he said he had not been in there for about a month.

The trial continues.


I love you my beautiful girl so much

 would do anything for you

I will always be there for you

Please think about living with me

I want to spend the rest of my life with you

We are so good together

You are my world

I will call you non-stop today after you have a great sleep

Love you my sexy girl

Richy xoxo  


I want to say I miss and think about you all the time

I still have lots of love for you

I miss what you and I did and that's have fun with each other and laugh

And I love it when we talk and even better when we see each other

I have lots to make up for which I can

You know I want to take you out for a date, just the two of us and drive to a spot, have lunch and drinks, well you can

I love you and always will

I understand you don't want a relationship but I'm prepared to wait

I gave you a pic so whenever you feel sad or lonely, I'm there smiling at you

Lots of love 

Richy xoxo  

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