Jury retires to decide if man raped his former lover

THE smirks of earlier in the week were removed from the face of the man accused of brutally raping a Mackay woman he met online as the jury retired to consider his fate.

The man, who cannot be identified to protect the identity of his alleged victim, has been charged with raping the woman with a hairbrush, aerosol can and metal water bottle during a three-day ordeal in September 2011.

He has already pleaded guilty to seven charges including torture, assault and maiming the woman after he threw bleach over her vagina, anus, ears and torso during the terrifying ordeal.

Crown Prosecutor Sarah Dennis told the Brisbane District Court on Thursday the man had terrorised his former lover in her own home for three days.

"He beat her, tortured her, abused her, demeaned her, humiliated her and raped her," she said.

"He committed the rapes the woman described to hurt and humiliate her.

"These were crippling, crushing and humiliating acts committed by her then boyfriend."

Ms Dennis told the jury they had heard evidence from the woman who gave a clear and accurate account of events that happened to her while the accused held her captive.

She said the woman's versions had been collaborated by the fact the man had already pleaded guilty to seven other charges surrounding the event.

"There is overwhelming medical evidence to support her version of events," she said.

"There s DNA evidence that belongs to the man which was found on the three items she said she was raped with."

The man's barrister, leading Queensland silk Michael Byrne, tried to throw doubt on the woman's testimony and said the rapes did not occur despite the earlier guilty pleas to other charges associated with the woman's ordeal.

"This trial started with five charges of rape, but now it is only three," he said.

"You would think that if those events happened to you, you would remember them.

"But, that did not happen.

"She only gave evidence surrounding the hairbrush, aerosol can and a metal water bottle.

"Furthermore, she did not recall a water bottle being inserted inside her with the end being hit several times so it would go further inside when she was on the landing of her own unit.

"Despite being given ample opportunities by the Crown, she only divulged this when she was prompted to do so.

"You would think you would remember that.

"I put to you this was part of an evolving story made by the woman."

Mr Byrne said the man had already admitted to his guilt for other events during the three-day period in question.

"What happened during the three days was he was highly medicated on ADHD medicine, verging on overdosing and having hallucinations," he said.

"This trial is not about what he has already pleaded guilty to."

Earlier, the court heard from Dr Beata Peter-Przyborowska, who examined the woman at the Royal Brisbane Hospital for Women the night she managed to escape her captor and call work colleagues for help.

"I examined her from a gynaecological prospective and I noticed several lacerations, swelling and burns to her vagina and anus," she said.

"The whole area was extremely tender and there was significant bruising in that area and over other areas of her body."

The jury members will continue their deliberations today.

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