Judge urges Gympie "Rambo" to challenge parole board

A MODERN day "Rambo" who armed himself with a stockpile of high-powered weapons and drugs has had his application to re-open his sentence dismissed.

Gympie man Scott William Trask, 35, was jailed in March for four years after being caught with two semi-automatic guns, two home-made guns, silencers, ammunition and ninja stars.

He was also growing 11 marijuana plants, irrigated from a nearby creek, had $10,000 worth of the drug ice, 319ml of testosterone and other drug paraphernalia.

Four days after the sizeable weapon and drug haul in April, 2012, Trask was caught drink-driving, blowing 0.119%, after driving dangerously, evading police and crashing his motorcycle.

At the time of his offending, Trask had moved to Bundaberg where he got caught up with the wrong crowd.

He was eligible for release on August 26, but had his bid for freedom rejected after the parole board found he had not undertaken any addiction treatment programs in jail.

Trask argued in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday that the court should have taken into account his untreated addiction problem when sentencing him.

However, Justice James Douglas, who was also the sentencing justice, said he did take it into account when sentencing and the parole board had made a serious factual error.

Justice Douglas said he knew Trask had sought help while in custody awaiting trial, but no suitable program was available at the prison where he was housed near the Sunshine Coast.

"Mr Trask applied for parole, but it has been refused on the basis of a clear and factual error on the parole board's behalf," he said.

"The parole board incorrectly submitted during his parole hearing that I was not aware of his untreated addiction when I sentenced him, but I was fully aware.

"There was a failure on the parole board's behalf to fully reflect on my sentencing remarks.

"It is not up to me to re-open a sentence because of an error made on the parole board's behalf."

In dismissing the application, Justice Douglas urged Trask, who represented himself, to seek immediate legal advice in order to challenge the parole board's decision.

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