Revered Warwick man Allan Harold Seibel was farewelled last month after a long battle with illness.
Revered Warwick man Allan Harold Seibel was farewelled last month after a long battle with illness.

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MOTORBIKE enthusiast, Freemason, race car driver, grandpa, husband, father, friend.

These are just some of the roles Allan Harold Seibel filled during his amazing life.

The generous family man passed away on November 10, 2011, after a long battle with illness.

His final moments were spent surrounded by his adoring wife Barbara, their four children and 14 grandchildren.

Allan was born at the Welford Hospital in Warwick on July 14, 1938.

He spent much of his childhood on the family farm at Pratten with parents Harold and Queenie, and worked in the dairy before going to school in Pratten.

After graduating from the primary school, Allan enrolled in Warwick High School and got special permission to travel to school by motorbike.

His love of motorbikes developed quickly, as did his passion for uncovering the way anything worked.

It was also during his high school years that Allan met the love of his life and future wife.

Barbara said the pair "just clicked" when they met and she instantly saw something special in the man she would later marry.

The couple enjoyed a marriage that spanned five decades and were blessed with four children, Teresa, Philip, Daniel and Anthony.

Barbara said she could not fault her soul mate in his duties as a husband or father.

"He was an excellent, patient and gentle person - he was very special and we were very lucky," she said.

Barbara said the life-long marriage was a testament to the relationship the two had and she took comfort in knowing her husband always had her back.

She said Allan was never too shy to publicly kiss her and the two shared a very special relationship.

"We never went anywhere unless we went together and it was always nice to know he was there looking out for me," Barbara said.

Although it was rare for Allan to let something get him down, Barbara said the thought of missing out on seeing his grandkids grow struck a nerve with Allan.

But the two of them talked it over and agreed Allan's presence in their grandkids' lives - however limited - would impact their future in a positive way.

"It's what you give them now that's important later in life and they will carry it in the future," Barbara said.

"He just loved the grandkids to death and he would always listen to them and go outside and play with them when he could."

During his spare time, Allan spent countless hours tinkering with cars and bikes, even crafting his own race car.

Barbara said her home was often inundated with Allan's friends who would tweak cars until the early hours of the morning, ahead of a race meet that same day.

The motorbike enthusiast owned two bikes in his life and even restored one to pristine condition after one of his kids crashed it into a pole.

His love for bikes was inherited by all of his four children, even daughter Teresa.

Allan was a meticulous driver and was very proud of the fact he had never lost a point on his license during his entire driving career and even passed on his skills to other drivers.

Around 20 years ago, Allan put both his patience and driving skills to good use and took on a job as a driving instructor.

During his work career, Allan was also employed for the Southern Electricity Authority, Styan and Lindenberg and eventually elevated to the role of district superintendent for South West Power.

Outside of work, Allan threw himself into a number of community organisations.

Just a few of these are the Freemasons, Warwick and District Car Club, St Vincent de Paul, Ulysses Motorcycle Club, Lions, Warwick Model Railway Club and Warwick Bowls Club.

Around 700 people flocked to St Mark's Anglican Church on November 14 to farewell the man who had touched their lives in one way or another. Allan will be fondly remembered as a selfless man who was alway willing to help and never wanted anything in return.

Barbara and her children would like to offer their sincere thanks to those who offered words of comfort and support of the loss of Allan.

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