Ipswich killer cleared of murder, guilty of manslaughter

UPDATE NOON: Jamie Rex Teichmann has been found guilty of the manslaughter of Michael Manson in Coominya.

A jury on Thursday found Teichmann not guilty of murder, but guilty of unlawfully killing Mr Manson in 2010.

The court heard the two fought on a Coominya roadside over a woman.

Teichmann "punched the crap and kicked the shit" out of Manson leaving him unconscious - and suffering a fatal brain injury - on the side of the road.

Teichmann got two friends who returned to the scene and placed Manson in the back of a ute. They drove him away from the scene and abandoned him in the vehicle.

A horse rider later found the ute with Mr Manson dead inside.

Teichmann will be sentenced after a trial on other matters which is set for later this year.



EARLIER: A JURY has been told to consider manslaughter if they do not believe Jamie Rex Teichmann intended to kill or maim Michael Desmond Manson.

Brisbane Supreme Court Justice John Bond told the jury if they believed Mr Teichmann had been provoked into killing Mr Manson, near Coominya in 2010, he would be not guilty of murder - but of manslaughter instead.

The jury was sent to deliberate their decision on Wednesday - the trial's sixth day.

Mr Teichmann has been accused of murdering Mr Manson during a fight over a woman.

The court heard that on December 8, 2010 Mr Teichmann had been drinking with friends at the Bellevue Hotel and flirted with local woman Katrina Bush.

Later that night he left to visit Ms Bush's house. There he found Mr Manson.

An argument and fight broke out, before Mr Teichmann eventually drove away. Mr Manson followed him and the two began to fight again.

Mr Teichmann's friend Michael Ambrose told the court Mr Teichmann had called him in the early hours of the night telling him he'd killed Manson.

He said Mr Teichmann had told him during the fight Mr Manson had said he thought Mr Teichmann would "hit harder" before Mr Teichmann had "kicked the shit out of him".

Mr Teichmann drove to pick up Mr Ambrose and Andrew Kuiper - whom he had been drinking with earlier - and back to the roadside where he'd left Mr Manson. They put him in the back of a ute and drove it to Bolingbroke Rd where they dumped the car.

Mr Teichmann's defence claims there is no evidence Mr Manson died due to wounds caused during the fight. Rather, they suggested the brain injury he died from may have occurred while he was in the back of the ute.

They claim testimony given to the court from Mr Ambrose and Mr Kuiper was untrustworthy and unreliable, pointing to inconsistencies between what they said in court and what they originally told police, dubbing them "serial liars".

The jury has retired to consider its decision.


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