My Kitchen Rules grand finalists Jac and Shaz.
My Kitchen Rules grand finalists Jac and Shaz. Channel 7

Jac and Shaz reveal MKR grand final game plan

THEY are the Queensland mums who have beaten 16 other teams to the My Kitchen Rules grand final.

But Mount Isa cousins Jac and Shaz will be celebrating regardless of tonight's result.

"It's been a really long road, so there will be celebrations no matter what," Shaz told APN.

"We never entered with an end goal in sight. The further we progressed it was like 'Oh my God, look at where we are'. It's more than we have ever hoped for and we're always going to give it 100 percent."

The mums are up against ambitious pommies Will and Steve for the reality cooking show's $250,000 grand prize.

"They only entered the competition to win, so in that regard we're very, very different," Shaz said.

"But we are giving it our all. We're not going lie down and go 'they want it more than us'.

"It never bothered us who we were up against. We always said we just have to run our own race."

Guest judge Colin Fassnidge is a big supporter of Jac and Shaz and has pointed out their experience shouldn't be underestimated, comparing them to past winners Bree and Jessica.

 "We believe that's why we've done so well (on the show); we've been cooking for our families for 20-plus years," Shaz said.

"It's experience when you've done something over and over. That's why we haven't had the meltdowns. If something goes wrong you just move on and keep going."

Tonight each team will have to serve up 20 plates for each of the courses of their carefully planned menus.

"It's a marathon," Shaz said.

"I was particularly freaked out by this 20 plate business. Twelve plates are hard enough.

"We did keep that in mind when planning our menu. We couldn't really plan something that was going to take 10 minutes to plate up."

Two alternate endings have been filmed, so not even the final teams know who has won. They'll find out tonight with the rest of the viewing public when the grand final airs.

"It would be more surreal thing to happen in your entire life," Shaz said.

"It's a gift. It would set both of our families up. If we win then we'll assess what we want to do.

"We've been on this train that is MKR and until that's over and we can take a breath, we're not making any decisions."

The My Kitchen Rules grand final airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

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