'Grubby grandpa' showed granddaughter Disney porn

A GRUBBY grandpa who viewed pornographic animated Frozen characters with his little granddaughter, has been jailed for his sexual offences.

The child sex offender, 60, was dumped by his horrified family and by his church after revealing to church elders what he did.

An Ipswich judge called his actions "a gross abuse of his position of trust".

The man was 57 and 58 when the offences occurred.

He pleaded guilty in the District Court at Ipswich to seven charges of indecent treatment of a child aged under 12 and of lineal descent.

She was aged between three and five-years-old at the time of the incidents.

Crown prosecutor Amanda Robinson said the offending took place during 18 months, the man being the girl's paternal grandfather.

His offending began after the child became curious about his penis when they bathed together while she was left in his care.

Ms Robinson said the child was able to articulate aspects of his offending to her parents and to police.

He had made her watch the animated Disney characters engage in sexual acts.

Ms Robinson said he bathed the girl around 20 times and his conduct escalated and became abhorrent.

He gave police details about the Frozen characters engaged in pornography, saying he'd taken advantage of the girl's curiosity.

"She was also shown lots of movies on his electronic devices. He made early guilty pleas," Ms Robinson said.

"It is extremely remote that he will ever have contact with his grandchildren again.

"It was a gross breach of trust."

The girl's mother made a victim impact statement on behalf of the child.

The girl told police that it made her sad.

Ms Robinson said the grandfather also searched online for child pornography, which illustrates a sexual interest in children.

In the Crown submission Ms Robinson said he could have stopped taking baths with the child, he did not have to show pornographic films to her, and could have switched off the pornographic films.

The Crown sought that he serve jail time.

Defence lawyer Ali Rana said he should receive some benefit by bringing details to the attention of police, and by making admissions to both police and his church.

He said the man has worked as a labourer and been a member of the RAAF.

He now has no family contact and been ex-communicated from his church which had been important to his life.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC sentenced him to 18 months jail. It will be suspended after he serve six months.

The grandfather will be under supervised probation for two years.

"It must be regarded as being a gross abuse of his position of trust. It was not isolated," Judge Lynch said.

He said he had been in bed with the child (when masturbating), and he'd shown her adult pornography and sexualised cartoon characters engaged in sexual activity which had the capacity to corrupt children.

Judge Lynch said his admissions had been forthright and there were no exceptional circumstances.

"She was a very vulnerable child. She was your granddaughter and in your care," he said.

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