Chris Mitchell-Clare claims his helmet saved his life.
Chris Mitchell-Clare claims his helmet saved his life. Contributed

Injured cyclist: "you're stupid if you don't wear a helmet”

A SUNSHINE Coast man is urging others to wear helmets when riding a bike after State Government statistics showed that bicycle deaths had more than doubled this year compared to 2015.

Chris Mitchell-Clare was injured in a bike incident in 2008 and believes that if he wasn't wearing his helmet he'd be dead.

"I'll be honest, you're stupid if you don't wear a helmet," he said.

"I had a serious mountain bike accident back in 2008 where the bike randomly seized on me when I was going downhill, even though it was serviced and well looked after.

"The bike ended up flipping forward and I ended up going head first straight into the road, knocking me unconscious and then tumbling three or four house-lengths down the road like a rag doll. The bike totalled.

"My younger brother witnessed in person and it was a while before I came to."

Mr Mitchell-Clare said he was actually not going to wear a helmet that day, but is forever grateful that he did.

"I in fact was contemplating not wearing my helmet before that ride that day but decided to wear it," he said.

"I hate to think what would have happened if I didn't, especially the fact that the first part of my body to make contact with the road was the region above my forehead."

He said the crash still takes a toll on him today.

"I still have slight occasional neck pain from it, but think to myself, I will always wear my helmet because you never know when an accident will happen," he said.

Mr Mitchell-Clare said the consequences of not wearing a helmet are just too great to risk.

"It will either kill you or leave you significantly disabled," he said.

"You just can't take the risk thinking you'll be fine, because you'll regret it if you have an accident that time. It can happen at any time, even after years of experience in riding."

He said he was extremely frustrated when he saw people riding without a helmet.

"I can't stand seeing kids riding without helmets, it shows how irresponsible parents are with teaching their children about safety.

"Accidents happen out of the blue, you can never predict them.

"Always wear your helmet if you value your life and most importantly your physical body, the helmet's designed to protect your brain. The most important part of your body."

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