Now it's personal: Yamba trio take ice fight to social media

A TRIO of Yamba residents has taken the fight against the drug 'ice' in the town to social media.

Five days ago Sophia and her mum Sandra Morgan and Kayla Worthing created a Facebook page Yamba Against Ice to help fight the spread of the drug in the town.

For Sophia, the attack on ice is personal because she believes she lost a close friend to the drug.

"There was nothing conclusive in the autopsy, but I know he was using ice before he passed and I blame his passing on it," Sophia said.

"He was my best friend and like a brother to me."

She said one of the goals of the page was to collect information about ice usage in Yamba and pass it onto police.

"I'd like to think we can help play a part in the fight against ice," she said. "If we can do anything in anyway to limit the damage it does, then I'd be happy."

Sophia said in just three days the page had won plenty of support in the community.

"There's already one person who's posted on there about his concerns for staff of (a local supermarket)," she said.

A post on the page says staff at the supermarket has been intimidated by ice users, who are known to police.

Another person posted that ice traffickers were targeting children with the drug.

"Children are becoming addicted and dealers are using them as drug runners - once addicted, it is exceptionally difficult to find appropriate detox/rehab facilities for young children," the post read.

Sophia said the page creators had talked with local police about how they can work together to fight the use of the drug.

"The said to come to us with any concerns we had," she said.

"They said the biggest problem they had was finding enough evidence to charge users with an offence.

"If we can help them find evidence to make arrests and get the traffickers and users out of town it will be good.

The page is also promoting a community forum with the Police Community Task Force representative to raise awareness of the ice problem in Yamba.

Forum organiser Sue Hughes said the forum is locked in for July 27 at 5.30pm-7pm, at a venue yet to be secured.

She said the major topics on the agenda are crime and drugs in our community.

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