FRONT ROW SEAT: A truckie was surprised and delighted to get a close up look at whales while travelling by barge with his truck across the ocean.
FRONT ROW SEAT: A truckie was surprised and delighted to get a close up look at whales while travelling by barge with his truck across the ocean. Alf Wilson

I Spy: Health scare solved

Truckie health scare mystery solved


MANY males are put off going to the doctor when they feel ill, and truckies are no exception.

For one 60-year-old driver who was on time off it was a case of having to call an ambulance after he had been feeling dizzy and seriously not well for days.

After his wife went to work about noon, he almost fell over while having a shower and then was sick as he sat on the couch.

Using his mobile phone he called 000 and an ambulance arrived in his driveway.

Soon he was at the emergency ward of the local hospital and during the next three hours had a series of tests including a chest X-ray, ECG, urine, blood and others.

All of the tests proved negative so the man was allowed to go home but still felt dizzy.

That night he had terrible pain in one of his bottom teeth and the next morning managed to get an appointment with a dentist.

Said dentist told him he had a large abscess on his gum and it was lanced and the driver felt immediate relief.

The dentist wrote a prescription for antibiotics and later he went to his GP who told him the toxics from the abscess had caused his dizzy fits.

Dairy diary

A WELL known road transport identity took a welcome trip down memory lane when he saw somebody who had delivered milk to his school 50 years before.

The 59-year-old gent had taken his elderly auntie to a Centrelink office in late July and was sitting in his car out the front waiting for her to come out.

To his sheer amazement the former milko who used to deliver small bottles to his primary school appeared on a walking stick accompanied by his wife.

So our man asked the senior citizen about his wonderful memories from 1964 when he was a Year 5 student and the pair had delightful discussions.

A great moment.

Lost phone

A MELBOURNE truckie was in far north Queensland and during down time caught a bus from near his parked rig to a football game.

Unlike most of us, this truckie doesn't use his mobile phone often.

But days later after returning to Victoria he wanted to check his messages but couldn't find the phone.

After a search it was still missing so he borrowed a phone and dialled his mobile number.

To his complete surprise the driver of the bus who took him and other passengers to the footy had it.

"I answered the phone because I thought the owner would ring at some stage," he said.

The phone has since been posted back to Melbourne.

Joker revenge

PLAYING practical jokes on fellow drivers is a favourite pastime of a well known Northern Territory truckie.

His most recent escapade was to drink some stubbies of beer from the fridge at the house of a colleague and he replaced the amber fluid with water.

He then placed the caps of the stubbies back on and his mate fell for the trick... big time.

But revenge was sweet when the joker who is a connoisseur of fish meals, especially mackerel fillets, was invited around for a barbecue.

That morning the host had bought some mackerel and much cheaper queen fish fillets from the local market.

He placed some coating mix, pepper, paprika, sesame seed and other spices on the queen fish and cooked it in a pan.

To ensure the payback would be complete the host even switched the labels on the fish packets.

Our joker started eating the fish placing a sprinkling of lemon juice on the meal. But halfway through eating it he said: "This tastes like crap, it isn't mackerel".

Then he searched the wheelie bin and found the packet with a mackerel label on it.

The host owned up and admitted it was in fact queen fish.

Plane and truck collide

THE female driver of a light truck collided with a large aircraft and escaped with minimal injuries.

The incident occurred on July 21 when the catering truck she was driving and the back of an Alliance Airlines Fokker collided at Townsville airport.

It occurred about 11am when the plane was being pushed onto the runway and forced the truck to flip over onto one side.

From reports the truck was going to service another aircraft.

Fortunately the lady driver received only minor injuries and was treated by paramedics without having to be taken to hospital.

Whale of a time

THE unexpected often happens to truckies as they travel this vast country keeping Australia going.

But it would have to be extremely rare for any during work time to see a lot of whales up close.

One veteran driver told Spy that he was on a barge taking his truck across the ocean on the way to Lucinda when he was lucky to spot some whales.

"There was about 20 whales, some big and some small, and they were great to see," he said.

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