Jye Burns
Jye Burns

Hurt ego 'may be murder motive' in Jye Burns case

COULD the motive for gunning down Jye Burns on a Sunshine Coast dirt track be as simple as an ego bruising?

That was one of the theories Crown prosecutor Ben Power put forward as he closed the case against Shane "Cappa" Oulds in Brisbane Supreme Court.

He said, on the evidence, Oulds was a cocaine dealer, a man with a history of kickboxing and cage fighting and was wearing a Mixed Martial Arts-branded shirt the night of the murder.

"Motives are often unknown except to the killer," he said.

"We know from the evidence, however, that Shane Oulds was shoved around by Jye Burns that night and that Jye Burns used a potentially dismissive or contemptuous variation of the (Oulds') nickname - little Cappa.

"Was that all it took to mean that he got killed by Cappa?

"You might think there was something in the background we'll never know about, but on that night in question there may have been something that was the straw that broke the camel's back."

Oulds is accused of shooting Mr Burns five times at close range on Old Caloundra Rd at Landsborough about 10pm on July 8, 2010, after they had been on a pub crawl together.

Key witness Shane Moroney - who pointed the finger at Oulds - said Oulds claimed Mr Burns was threatening his family and was planning a home invasion on Mr Moroney.

"That may or may not be true," Mr Power said.

"That may be what Mr Oulds believed."

Oulds elected not to testify, but his defence barrister Tony Kimmins began closing his case on Monday and is expected to continue for most of Tuesday.

Mr Kimmins pointed out his client had been charged with murder or manslaughter which meant the jury could not then convict him on being an accessory if they believed Mr Moroney did the shooting.

He said the evidence was "equally conclusive" of Oulds being guilty of accessory as "being the murderer who fired those shots".

"It's never been suggested he's pure as the driven snow," he said.

"Realistically, there is nothing that jumps out ... that it is more consistent with Shane Oulds being the shooter as opposed to him being an accessory."

Mr Power drew the jury to footage showing Mr Oulds partying on until almost 1.30am while Mr Moroney went home.

"Mr Oulds dancing down the street not afraid of anyone, not anymore anyway," he said.

He asked the jurors to compare the demeanours of the two men, to note the "dominance" of Oulds and the "gopher" role Mr Moroney played.

Mr Power also asked jurors to consider why Oulds dropped by his father's place on the way to and from the shooting, suggesting that was where he got the gun and where he disposed of it.

The trial continues.

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