Today show co-host Karl Stefanovic.
Today show co-host Karl Stefanovic. Channel 9

How are former Rocky reporter Stefanovic's comments bad?

REMEMBER 30 years ago when it was cool to smoke cigarettes?

What did scientists find? That smoking tobacco causes cancer.

Users who smoke opium are also at risk of developing lung cancer.

You know how tales of the days of Vikings and Knights always include mugs of ale, mead and/or wine?

But what has science found about alcohol consumption? That if done in excess, it has long lasting detrimental impacts to our health.

Why are people kicking up a fuss about former Rockhampton WIN TV news reporter and current Today co-host Karl Stefanovic's comments in a feature story on the weekend where he referred to his personal thoughts on smoking cannabis?

He told he had tried cannabis when he was a young reporter.

"Look, I've never had a drama with people smoking marijuana. I've never seen a violent person on weed. Obviously the jury's still out on the long-term medical effects of it, but a joint with friends, I've always thought, is just great fun. We do stupid things as adults, but I've never thought of that as one of them," he told.

Yesterday, The Courier-Mail claimed Stefanovic's current employer refused to publicly support or defend the 'controversial' comments.

I say - what controversial comments?

Stefanovic has neither condemned the use of marijuana nor supported it. The fact that he has tried it and still is well-functioning human-being with a high profile job only supports what medical research has found so far.

A longitudinal follow-up of young adults observed since early childhood, actually found occasional marijuana users and experimenters to be healthier psychologically than either abusers or abstainers.

So, in other words, Stefanovic is a psychologically healthy human being.

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