Households will be '$4000 a year better off under NBN'

HOUSEHOLDS across the country would be nearly $4000 a year better off by 2020 under the National Broadband Network, research by Deloitte Access Economics reveals.

The research, commissioned by the Labor government, shows the potential financial benefit of access to broadband under the NBN, particularly in regional areas.

It found benefits for households under the NBN would be realised in $3800 in annual savings on costs like travel, entertainment, health and educations as well as social engagement.

"Our estimate is average annual household benefits will be worth around $3800 in 2020, in current dollars," the report reads.

"Around two-thirds of these benefits ($2400) are financial benefits, the rest are the equivalent monetary value of consumer benefits such as travel time savings and convenience of e-commerce."

To be released today (wed), the research comes as the Labor Party plans an attack on the Coalition over its broadband policy, claiming Opposition Leader Tony Abbott would "deny millions of Australians access".

Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the Deloitte analysis showed the NBN would "not only transform the Australian economy" but would also "directly benefit every family in the country".

"Many of the benefits identified depend on the reliability of the service and of high upload speeds that only comes with fibre," he said.

"The study only considers the benefits of known applications and services to 2020, and does not speculate about the benefits of platforms yet to be developed."

While the report was not a cost-benefit analysis, it took into account the "costs of participation in the digital economy", finding largely that households would be better off with high-speed broadband access.

It also analysed the potential positive contribution of the NBN to various households, with groups such as single pensioners potentially better off by up to $7000 in health and travel savings.

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