UPDATE: A Wilsonton man has returned to his home to find a window broken and a fire burning inside.

Firefighters were called to Anthony Gillam's family home on Greenwattle St about 4pm.

"I had just got home," Mr Gillam said.

"The front window was smashed and I rang the police.

He had been out for about an hour.

"I didn't realise it was on fire.

"I just rang the police because someone had broken into it."

Anzac Avenue Fire Station officer Brad Jeffs said it appeared the fire was most intense in a bedroom at the front of the home.

"The crews did a very good job to stop the fire," Mr Jeffs said.

"That one bedroom was completely destroyed."

He said the destruction was limited to heat damage in another room and smoke damage through the rest of the home.

Smoke alarms were ringing loudly when he went around to the rear of the home.

"The smoke alarms going off were the first things that alerted the owner to know that there was a fire inside his house."

A fire investigation team was at the scene this afternoon.

Access was restricted to the home while the investigation took place.

No one was injured.

EARLIER: Emergency services are responding to reports of a house on fire in Wilsonton, Toowoomba.

The house is located at Greenwattle St.

There are reports of smoke billowing from the windows of the house.

Police and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service have been alerted to the reported house fire.

They are currently arriving on scene.

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