Hotter than the average January

Stanthorpe's in for a heated January
Stanthorpe's in for a heated January Liana Walker

IF you were thinking this month seems hotter than usual, you would be correct.

2018 so far has run three degrees hotter than Stanthorpe's January average.

"This is not too unusual,” said meteorologist Kim Westcott.

"We may see that these temperatures do start to even back out towards their average later into this month.”

However it looks like the warmer trend is not here to stay.

Looking forward to between February and April, temperatures are predicted to drop below their averages.

"That's reflective of the fact we'll probably see more rainfall,” Ms Westcott said.

"We've got around a 60per cent chance of seeing above-average rainfall for the area. This will lead to cooler days because of the clouds, and hotter mornings due to those clouds.”

The extra rainfall will be due to La Niña conditions.

"It's going to be quite short lived and probably on the relatively weaker side.

"It's not going to be as strong as we saw in 2010 and 2012.”

Overall Stanthorpe can except relatively average temperatures with a bit more rain than usual.

Liana Walker

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