BACK THROUGH TIME: An old settler's cottage in the Southern Downs area which still has its original contents.
BACK THROUGH TIME: An old settler's cottage in the Southern Downs area which still has its original contents. Sandra McEwan

History told through art and imagery in exhibit

ONCE all the old relics and ruins are lost from the area there will be little but tales and photos to remember them by.

Stanthorpe photographer Sandra McEwan has dedicated a large part of the last several years ensuring that old cattle stations, homes, huts and everything else will be remembered long after they've crumbled.

"We've just got so much local history here and it's slowly disappearing so it's important to document it,” she said. "It's going to be gone one day.”

Her photography will be part of a new exhibition to open at the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery on Friday night.

Works from sculptor and painter Helen Turrisi will also take up a large share of the displayed creations.

"I always had an interest in photography, right from when I was little,” Sandra said.

"About roughly 10 years ago I had the opportunity to get a decent camera, quickly outgrew the one I got, and went from there.

"Four years ago I went to TAFE and I did a Cert 4 in photo imaging.

"My TAFE teacher is actually the one who is going to be opening the exhibit on Friday.”

The 'Whispering Land' exhibition aims to capture the land and history around us.

"The story behind the Whispering Land is, at TAFE I had to do a portfolio and I suggested I was going to do the history of the area - so I started with Pikedale.

"As much as I love taking landscape and wildlife photos, the historical side is my passion.

"People have been so great to allow me to go on their properties and take photos,” she said.

"I'm excited for Friday night.

"I think it just shows the passion I have for the area and I hope that shows through in the work.”

Helen is equally thrilled to share her body of work.

"I think we've put together a wonderful body of work,” she said.

"I've taken clay to form new ways of interpreting the landscape, with some surprising results.

"My work also features three bronzes and six contemporary paintings.

"I think the exhibit will be well worth a visit,” she said.

Opening night is on Friday, October 12 and the exhibit runs for six weeks.

Opening night

When: Friday, October 12 from 6pm

Where: Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

What: Whispering Land exhibition by Helen Turrisi and Sandra McEwan

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