Warwick State High School P and C president Mark Wheeldon and principal Cheryl Dossetto look over the master plan.
Warwick State High School P and C president Mark Wheeldon and principal Cheryl Dossetto look over the master plan. Emma Channon

High school master plan revealed

THE State Government has committed to funding construction of a building to cater for the admission of Year 7 in 2015, but nearly all other developments under the high school's master plan - released to the public yesterday - will have to wait in line for financial backing.

The master plan for Warwick State High School was unveiled yesterday, signalling an end to 18-months of designs and drafts.

A joint initiative of Education Queensland (EQ), the high school and the Parents and Citizens (P&C) committee, the plan outlines all structural changes needed to ease population concerns at the school.

A new three-storey "interactive learning centre", which would sit on campus facing Guy St, is a key element of the plan.

It has been designed to cater for the influx of Year 7 students in 2015, when that year level forms part of the high school system.

But that building, along with a proposed science lab near Albert St, are the only ones currently guaranteed state government funding - leaving a huge financial gap between the plan on paper and having it take shape.

Regardless of the financial hurdle P&C president Mark Wheeldon was determined to remain optimistic.

"My thoughts are the glass is always half full," he said.

"(EQ) has come this far and I would think they'd carry on with it. That's the way I'd like to look at it."

Mr Wheeldon also hinted the master plan might not just be at the mercy of the Bligh Government as it is rolled out in the future.

"It would involve a lot of people over the course of time, not just one," he said.

Mr Wheeldon said the plan was in line with the P&C ideal of a mixture of learning facilities and open space.

Principal Cheryl Dossetto said she "couldn't be more pleased" at the outcome.

She said it had been the result of months of meetings and ideas.

"This is a blueprint for the future, taking the whole of the site into 2030 and beyond," she said.

"It will cater for ongoing enrolment growth and it also addresses the immediate issue of crowding at the current site."

"It also acknowledges and values the history and architecture of a school turning 100," Ms Dossetto said.

She said any changes to the school's historic buildings would only take place on the inside, so as not to take away from the character.

Like Mr Wheeldon, Ms Dossetto was also positive about securing state government funding in the future, to fully carry out the plan.

"Without this logical and incremental approach to asset renewal, any future funding allocation may provide for piecemeal and dysfunctional outcomes," she said.

When asked what funding promises EQ could offer, regional director for Darling Downs South West region Greg Dickman said it would depend on what opportunities were available in the future.

"There will be future funding but it depends on how it's flowing at various points," he said.

"What (the plan) does do, is map out how we can move forward into the future. We know the Year 7 component will form some part of the (guaranteed funding)."

Mr Dickman said a proper community consultation will be scheduled in the new year, where the plan will be properly explained.

In the meantime, he will visit the high school next Thursday at 3pm for an afternoon tea and a "brief, overall look" at the plan.

All interested community members are invited.

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