The Block Sky High judges, from left, Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer.
The Block Sky High judges, from left, Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer. Martin Philbey - Contributed by Channel 9/WIN

High expectations for The Block Sky High auction

THE Block Sky High is about to go under the hammer, and judge Shaynna Blaze reckons it's a two-horse race.

Months of hard work will hopefully pay off for the renovation show's five teams when their luxury South Melbourne apartments are sold at auction next weekend.

Whichever team pockets the highest profit will be named this year's winners in next Sunday's two-hour grand final.

Expectations are high after the success of last year's series saw winners Brad Cranfield and Lara Welham earn a record-breaking profit of $506,000.

But for the first time in the show's history the renovated apartments are on top of one another, rather than side by side.

There will be a large difference in the reserve prices of the apartments, which start from $1.2m, reflecting the vastly different views from the first floor to the fifth.

Despite Queenslanders Trixie and Johnno's penthouse apartment boasting the best views, Blaze reckons either Bec and George or twin sisters Alisa and Lysandra will bring home the big bucks.

"Bec and George, being in the middle apartment, are the first to get the view and theirs is the most sellable as a blank canvas," she said.

"I think between the quality of their finishings and having lowest reserve the girls will do brilliantly.

"If those girls had the top apartment then it would have been game over."


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Blaze reckons the top position has worked for and against Brisbane's Trixie and Johnno.

"The expectations were incredibly high from us," she said.

"We told them you have the most responsibility with this apartment. Trixie's style is great, but her style is a very personal style that doesn't suit the penthouse.

"Because they ran out of money a lot of it became underdone, and they made big mistake in that outdoor area. I think that will work against them."

While Matt and Kim are the most improved renovators over the series - their winning terrace was light years ahead of their shocking "crime scene" bedroom - Blaze reckons their style will attract a small market.

"The quality of their finishings is exceptional but their style has a more edgy, funky feel to it," she said.

"Whether or not someone in that price bracket is willing to pay for that, I don't know."

Madi and Jarrod's inconsistent style, combined with their higher reserve being on the fourth floor, rule them out of contention.

"They've been really inconsistent and that will come across when buyers walk through the apartment," Blaze said.

"They're great with colour palates, but their lounge room is too strong for a selling market. The outdoor area is beautiful but it has a Mediterranean feel that doesn't match the inside."

The Block Sky High grand final airs on Sunday July 28 at 6.30pm on Nine/WIN.

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