Hervey Bay RSL GM applauds staff response to bomb scare

UPDATE 10.20AM: HERVEY Bay RSL General Manager Jason Lynch says emergency services, staff and patrons did a "fantastic job" when handling Wednesday night's bomb scare.

Mr Lynch said he wanted to thank police for looking after the RSL's staff and patrons, after an alleged bomb threat was reported to authorities about 8.30pm.

Police arrived on the scene about five minutes later, and the building was evacuated.

Police have declared the incident a hoax.

"They all got out relatively quickly, which allowed emergency services to do their jobs," Mr Lynch said.

He said the whole evacuation and search took about 20 minutes.

"Because we operate on two levels, and there are areas where you can stop people from entering, it was really just checking front of house, and doing the walk through," he said.

Mr Lynch said these types of hoaxes could happen anywhere.

"But you've got to do it (evacuate and investigate), it's a part of life," he said.

"From our point of view, you can't predict when or where it's going to happen, it could be here, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, you've just got to take it seriously and make sure everyone's safe."

The Hervey Bay Criminal Investigation Branch is looking into the hoax further, but no one has been charged with the incident.

A QPS spokeswoman said a phone call had been made to emergency services, reporting the alleged threat.

"A person had reportedly heard two people talking about their plan to blow up the RSL," the spokeswoman said.

"(CIB) are looking into the phone number where the alleged hoax came from, they are still investigating."

WEDNESDAY, 11PM: THE bomb scare at the Hervey Bay RSL on Wednesday night may have originated from an over-heard conversation.

A Queensland Police Media spokesman said investigations were continuing into the incident.

"Police received the call about 8.25pm, somebody allegedly heard someone say there was a bomb apparently planted at the RSL," the spokesman said.

"The guys went down there, did a search and evacuated the premises, but they couldn't find anything.

"They're still making enquiries into the people that mentioned it, but they haven't spoken to them yet."

The spokesman said the informants had acted appropriately by informing authorities about what they had allegedly heard.

"Obviously, if you do hear anything suspicious, we deal with it as it comes in and we treat it seriously, which is what police have done here by going through and doing the searches."

Just before 9.30pm, two loud bangs were heard in the Hervey Bay area, but the QPS spokesman said they were "probably not related".

"There was no mention (of the bangs), they didn't find anything detonated or of significance at the scene," he said.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: A bomb threat at Hervey Bay RSL is believed to be a hoax. 

Emergency services were called to the Pialba premises late Wednesday in relation to the threat. 

Hervey Bay Police have treated the incident as a hoax. 

More to come. 

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