Hendra virus vaccine revives culling issue

DEADLY VIRUS: A vaccine to protect horses against the hendra virus should be available by Christmas.
DEADLY VIRUS: A vaccine to protect horses against the hendra virus should be available by Christmas.

A SOUTHERN Downs resident and 10 other landowners have applied for government permits to shoot flying foxes, the endangered animal responsible for the spread of the hendra virus.

Flying fox specialists told a Queensland parliamentary committee the education and risk mitigation were far superior methods of dealing with the endangered animals than killing or dispersing them.

The culling debate has been re-ignited following the announcement a hendra vaccine for horses should be released by Christmas.

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection manager wildlife Mike Devery said there was a criteria for the permits.

"Lethal DMPs are granted only to commercial growers and only when it is demonstrated that other non-harmful methods of controlling flying-foxes have been used," he said.

"It sets strict requirements that growers must meet to be eligible for a permit, including that they will continue to use non-harmful methods of deterring flying foxes.

"A limited quota has been put in place and agreed by the Commonwealth Government to ensure there is no impact on the long-term survival of the four flying fox species that can damage crops."

Biosecurity Queensland scientist Dr Field Hume told the committee the hendra virus vaccine for horses would not only stop the animals being infected, usually through bat urine in their pastoral feed, but from passing on the virus to humans.

The hendra virus has caused more than 70 horse fatalities and four human deaths since 1994.

Dr Hume said the single most effective method of reducing risk was excluding horses from underneath trees where flying foxes were feeding.

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