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'Help': Mum's chilling text message to neighbour

BEFORE her partner of 20 years and the father to her three daughters pressed a pillow down on her face and threatened to kill her, a Coast woman sent a single text.

A message to her neighbour asking her for help.

Yesterday she sat in the back of the courtroom crying as the same man was released from jail after 254 days behind bars for the assault.

The man, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty at the Maroochydore District Court to three charges: one count each of suffocation, assault occasioning bodily harm and the aggravated breach of a domestic violence order.

The court was told on July 29 the couple got into a fight over the woman's discovery of a drug-smoking pipe in their Caloundra home.

Crown prosecutor Aleksandra Nikolic said during the argument the 37-year-old old man punched the 33-year-old woman in the face.

He then picked up their six-month-old daughter and took her out of the room.

The woman used the time to send a text message.

He came back into the room, picked up a pillow and pressed it hard against the woman's face.

The man used his knees to keep her still. He told the woman it would be her last breath.

Ms Nikolic said the woman couldn't move or breathe.

She said the pair's other two daughters, 16 and 14 years old, were screaming out for help.

The man only stopped trying to suffocate the woman when the 16-year-old pulled her dad away, Ms Nikolic said.

Ms Nikolic said the man left the house and police were unable to find him until he was arrested on August 8.

The woman made a protection order on September 4.

The man breached the order from jail when he sent the woman a love letter that read she was the "woman of his dreams" and that they should "be together".

The court was told the woman suffered flashbacks of the assault and now lived an "isolated life".

Defence barrister Andrew Hoare said his client had a violent upbringing.

"When he was just a boy his father was murdered," Mr Hoare said.

Mr Hoare said his client was raised in a women's shelter and was often exposed to violence.

Judge Robertson said it was concerning the man only stopped when his teen daughter intervened. He said it was also worrying the man involved their baby daughter.

He sentenced the man to two years' jail with immediate parole release.

He took into account the eight months the man had already spent in jail for the offences.

His former partner burst into tears and left the courtroom.

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