DINNER TONIGHT? Liz Arnold owner of frozen meal business A Meal or Two.
DINNER TONIGHT? Liz Arnold owner of frozen meal business A Meal or Two. Liana Walker

Hearty home-cooked meals you can keep in your freezer

AFTER a long day at work, sometimes the last thing you want to do is go home and cook.

Luckily for Stanthorpe locals, Liz Arnold has a passion for cooking, and it's this love of being in the kitchen that inspired her to start her frozen meal delivery service A Meal or Two.

"I've wanted to do something like this for ages,” Liz said.

"I thought right, the time is now.

"I started thinking 'Right-o I'll get my van up and running in no time flat' and eight months later it's all happening.”

Since starting up just three weeks out from Christmas, Mrs Arnold is surprised with the number of people already ordering her dinners.

"I'm amazed at how many people are ringing and asking for them,”

"They're just plain home-cooked meals.”

Mrs Arnold's passion for cooking comes from a young age.

"I've always liked cooking, my mum taught me to cook,” she said.

"It's always just been a passion and I'm not a chef, I'm just a home cook and just enjoy it.”

The A Meal or Two menu offers a wide variety of meals to choose from, served with vegetables sourced from her husband's farm and other locals.

"The thing that people mostly are ordering are the rissoles and the corned beef fritters,” she said.

"It's quite hilarious: I cook more corned beef for fritters than I do for the corned beef.”

Looking forward a year she hopes to be cooking just a few more meals without expanding in size.

"I hope to be plodding along, happy to just go and do it,” she said.

"I don't want to go to huge, I don't want to mass produce food, I just want to put in a family roast and make eight meals and freeze them.”

Meals cost $10 each and must be ordered by 9am Monday for a Friday delivery.

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