Kirsty Rathbone, from Liverpool, was stunned when her boyfriend’s mistress called her and exposed his betrayal. Picture: Medavia
Kirsty Rathbone, from Liverpool, was stunned when her boyfriend’s mistress called her and exposed his betrayal. Picture: Medavia

He cheated on me while I faced death in hospital

A MUM who nearly died after suffering an ectopic pregnancy has told of her heartbreak after discovering her boyfriend was cheating on her as she lay critical in hospital.

Kirsty Rathbone, 27, from Liverpool, was stunned when Gary Edwards' mistress called her out of the blue and exposed his betrayal as she mourned for their baby, reports The Sun.

She also revealed that she too had been pregnant with his baby earlier in the year.

Kirsty said: "I was devastated, I'd just lost my baby and my boyfriend.

"My girls were heartbroken when Gary didn't come home. They'd grown so close to him and his betrayal hurt them too."

She told how she'd met Gary on a dating website in March 2015.

"I was thrilled when he first started messaging me," she admitted.

"His profile picture was gorgeous and we had a lot in common.

"When we finally met for a drink we clicked instantly and bonded over both having daughters. I could tell he was someone special."

The pair quickly became an item and Kirsty said she was "smitten".

Kirsty Rathbone. Picture: MedaviaSource:Supplied
Kirsty Rathbone. Picture: MedaviaSource:Supplied

She explained: "He was brilliant with my two girls from a previous relationship and when they clearly adored him as much as I did, I knew I was falling for him.

"I introduced Gary to all my family and when they gave him the seal of approval too, I felt so lucky to have found my perfect man."

Two months into their relationship the couple booked a family holiday to Tunisia.

Kirsty said: "We had the most amazing few days abroad together, the whole thing was a dream.

"When we arrived back in the UK, we decided we were ready to take the next step and move in with each other.

"But in the process of house hunting, I discovered I was pregnant.

"Gary was over the moon and the news made us more determined to find a home together. Finally, our perfect family would be complete."

But one morning Kirsty was horrified when she woke up covered in blood.

She and Gary rushed to A&E where doctors struggled to find her baby, meaning Kirsty had to stay in hospital for more tests and explorative surgery.

"I was terrified," she recalled. "And what was worse, Gary wasn't there to hold my hand.

"He popped in and out to visit, and although I wished he could have been there more, I understood he was busy with work."


Kirsty Rathbone and her boyfriend. Picture: MedaviaSource:Supplied
Kirsty Rathbone and her boyfriend. Picture: MedaviaSource:Supplied

When doctors told her the pregnancy was ectopic and that they needed to remove the foetus immediately, Kirsty was heartbroken.

She said: "I didn't want to lose our longed for baby, but it was clear I had no choice - I could have died if they'd waited any longer.

"I rang Gary and he promised he'd be there for me before I went into surgery.

"I felt a wave of relief. But the next day, as I was being prepped for surgery, Gary was nowhere to be seen.

"I desperately hung onto the hope that he'd arrive, but as time ticked on, I had to accept he wasn't coming."

"I was furious with him - and sick with fear. But thankfully, the surgery went well."

The surgeon was forced to remove one of Kirsty's fallopian tubes during the operation, which will make it more difficult for her to conceive.

She explained: "My heart broke as I was taken into recovery - but just then, I found Gary waiting for me with a big bouquet of flowers.

"All my anger faded away then. He'd lost a baby too and I needed him now more than ever. He was here now.

"As I sobbed for our tragic baby, Gary promised me we'd get through it. But just half an hour later he left me again to go back to work.

"I let it slide and when I returned home, Gary was my rock. I felt broken, but as I mourned our lost baby, I leaned on Gary for support."

One night Kirsty recalled how Gary suggested moving into her place until they found a house together.

"I was surprised - but ecstatic," she said.

"I rearranged my bedroom and even sold some furniture as I prepared for my man to move in."

In December 2015, Gary arrived at hers with a few things.

But a week later, Kirsty received a shocking phone call from an unknown number.

"A girl at the other end asked if I was Gary's girlfriend," she explained.

"I said yes, and she said, 'Well so am I'.

"I demanded she told me everything and I felt sick as Gary's double life unravelled.

"She told me he was even with her when I was in hospital.

"I was stunned. As I was losing our baby - and very nearly my life - he'd been cheating.

"It was almost too much to bear, but when Gary's mistress revealed she'd been pregnant with his baby earlier in the year too, it was an especially bitter blow."

When Kirsty called Gary to confront him, his phone was switched off - and he failed to return any of her calls.

She admitted: "Eventually, I gave up on trying to contact Gary and forced myself to stay strong for the girls' sake.

"Slowly, I got over my heartache. It took time but now, I'm stronger than ever.

"A few months later Gary got in contact and I agreed to meet him for dinner. I'll never forgive him for what he did but it was some comfort to hear the words I'd longed to hear - I'm sorry."

Gary said: "I've spoken to her about it face-to-face and I've apologised.

"Whichever way it went, somebody was going to get hurt. We've seen each other since, sat down and I apologised.

"I've got a new girlfriend. Kirsty is a good girl and a nice girl. I want to get on with my life, I was out of order with what happened.

"I got my head turned by someone and I got her pregnant and my head was all over the place. It was like living life through a soap on the telly.

"My head was all over the place because I was trying to keep up with the lies.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do it, I have apologised. I'm happy with my life now, I've got my two babies."


This article originally appeared on The Sun.

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