Hardcore with a conscience

REGARDLESS of whether you're young or old, you might have heard of up-and-coming local hardcore band Without Wings We Fall.

Without Wings We Fall is made up of five local boys trying to educate this small town in the world of hardcore music.

Brent Ottley, James Shepherd, Ryan McEwan, Jay Jay Jones and Dan Cumming, who all met at Warwick State High School, share a love of the hardcore style of music.

The band formed earlier this year and has already received an enormous amount of support from the metal-loving youth of Warwick.

With Brent on guitar, James on drums, Jay Jay playing bass, Dan also playing guitar and Ryan screaming his heart out, it is easy to appreciate the unique talent this style of music requires.

Their main musical influences have been the famous small-town band gone big Parkway Drive, as well as the likes of I Killed the Prom Queen, Day to Remember and Bring Me The Horizon.

With a few gigs up their sleeves, it is obvious WWWF ise blown away with the amount of support it has received from friends, family and the community.

The group jumped into Warwick's music scene with a successful first gig at Brent's house, followed up with a huge gathering at Septemberfest.

All five boys took it on their own backs to organise another concert for the town youth. Bangers 'N' Mosh was supported by other metal bands Revelations, Flood the Skies, Fall Through and What Lies Beneath.

All bands were happy to contribute to local entertainment, helping to get a large portion of Warwick youth off the streets for a couple of hours.

This issue is something the WWWF boys are passionate about and is a huge inspiration for their performances.

Ryan McEwan said Without Wings We Fall just wanted to show the youth of today there is a different path.

In a small town, according to 100% of Warwick youth, it is hard to find entertainment and things to pass the time, and this is something a lot of kids struggle with so, by creating gigs and bringing the town together through music, the WWWF boys are doing the younger generation of Warwick a great justice.

All these guys ask for is a chance to play the music they love and the future looks bright, with the support of the public, council and youth workers driving them to carry on with their passion.

If you hold the stereotypical view of hardcore lovers are all devil worshipers and the general opinion of metal trying to lead kids in the wrong direction, you could not be more wrong about the message these guys are sending.

All band members disagree with the stereotype and encourage others to do the same.

If you have been to a WWWF gig, you would know their original song, Shipwrecked, which was a definite crowd pleaser at Septemberfest and Bangers 'N' Mosh.

Other original songs include The Human Torch was Denied a Bank Loan and The Song Your Song Could Sound Like.

Without Wings We Fall groupies you will be pleased to hear the boys plan to release an EP soon, as well as perform many more hardcore gigs.

At the end of the day, all these boys want to do is “play the music they want, hope to tour, and have fun.”

For plan is to expand to Brisbane to continue their hope of making it, but still staying true to their home town.

Even if the individuality of hardcore is not your cup of tea, try broadening your horizons. These guys are, in a simple word. Awesome. So look them up.

MySpace: www.myspace.com/withoutwingswefall

Or search Facebook: Without Wings We Fall

Youth Space is a new column on young people's issues written by Warwick SHS student Madeline Lindsay. Any suggestions or feedback, email mal-rulz@hotmail.com

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