GUEST: Brent Finlay will help facilitate, as well as speak, at Wednesday's climate seminar in Stanthorpe.
GUEST: Brent Finlay will help facilitate, as well as speak, at Wednesday's climate seminar in Stanthorpe. Contributed

Granite Belt's 'innovative attitude' fuels Queensland-first

THE finishing touches are being put on a forum that is set to be a first in Queensland.

The Managing Climate Risk in Agriculture conference is little more than a week away and co-organiser Rick Humphries said he had been overwhelmed by the support.

"The numbers are looking really good. We've got 115-plus participants so far and we're hoping for that last-minute rush.

"We've got room for 150 so if there are folks out there looking to attend they can go to the Farmers for Climate Action website to buy tickets.

"We've had a lot of positive feedback and there's obviously a lot of interest and, given the state of the weather, it's even more timely given the winter we're likely to be facing,” Mr Humphries said.

He applauded the community for supporting a state first, saying it shows the region is at the forefront of innovative agriculture.

"This is the first time we've had a community, producer-based forum on climate change in Queensland,” he said.

"There's been one in Victoria and that happened last year. There will be one in NSW a bit later in the year.

"We're hoping this will spur interest for other regional producers around Queensland to have similar conferences and forums so they can really get their heads around the risks.

"It's a great example of the Granite Belt and Stanthorpe being innovative and taking the lead in Queensland agriculture,” he said.

There will be several speakers, from various fields, with the event starting at 9am on Wednesday, April 3, at the Queensland College of Wine Tourism.

"The forum is going to address the physical risks for producers facing climate change. It's also going to look at other business risks from a policy, finance, banking and insurance perspective as well.

"It's not just for primary producers. Anybody that has got a business that is directly or indirectly involved in agriculture in our region, which is just about everybody, is invited to come along.

"If we can help start that conversation at the local level we hope that will filter up,” Mr Humphries said.

To purchase tickets visit www.farmersforclimateaction.

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