Grandma stashes dope in Milo tins

A GRANDMOTHER who had about $125,000 worth of marijuana stockpiled at her property has been paroled after fronting court this week.

Lois Joan Higley pleaded guilty in the Warwick District Court to possessing the dangerous drug, which was uncovered during a search on August 12 last year.

Police located 11.25kg of the drug, which included material stored in Milo tins and cannabis branches hung up and drying in her shed.

The search of the 57-year-old woman's Thane residence was precipitated by her presence at her son-in-law's home when police found him in possession of the drug.

The court heard there was no evidence Higley had been selling the drug but the potential for Higley to have shared the drug could not be ruled out.

Defence counsel for Higley Phillip Crook told the court that despite the weight of the hefty haul, the drug was for Higley's own personal use.

This was despite Higley telling police she didn't use the drug and the failure of police to locate any kind of drug utensil at the property.

Mr Crook said his client used it as self-medication for a number of ailments and she had acquired enough to last her several years.

Although Higley has no previous criminal history in Queensland, the court heard she did have convictions in NSW for supplying heroin in 1980 and possessing marijuana in 1988.

Judge Julie Ryrie told Higley that even if she were "generous" in considering the weight of the usable drug, it would still have been close to 5kg, possibly more.

Her Honour scolded Higley on her disregard for the law and told her she simply was not allowed to possess the drug.

Higley was sentenced to 12 months jail but was paroled immediately.

Liam Josef Manthey, Higley's 18-year-old son-in-law, also appeared in the court on the same day.

Police uncovered around seven Milo tins - similar to those found at Higley's home - scattered around Manthey's Warwick house he shares with his girlfriend and two others.

The total weight of the drug located in the home was 1.45kg and the court heard the stash would sustain Manthey for about 12 months.

The 18-year-old father of one pleaded guilty to possessing both drugs and utensils and was sentenced to two years probation and 200 hours of community service.

No conviction was recorded against Manthey.

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