NOT IPSWICH: Stanthorpe and Ipswich libraries have no comparison according to locals.
NOT IPSWICH: Stanthorpe and Ipswich libraries have no comparison according to locals. Liana Walker

Grand library plan not for us

GRANITE Belt residents want to know why council hosted a presentation on the future of libraries after community consultation closed for their own.

That was the general consensus by the 50 residents who attended the library information session held last Monday.

The public was recently invited to have their say on how they would like to expand or move the library with the overwhelming majority in favour of expanding the current location. However at a recent council meeting Cr McNally said that plan was "short-sighted”.

Last Monday, Ipswich City Council's Library Services manager Sylvia Swalling gave a presentation on how libraries in Ipswich, Springfield and Rosewood operated. Key features included use of lockers at train stations for collecting books, self service scanners and taking mobile libraries to stores such as Bunnings.

They're all things Stanthorpe resident and former councillor Denise Ingram said were grand ideas, but weren't suitable to Stanthorpe. "The number of residents in either area have little comparison,” she said.

"People are quite content and would prefer the library as it is now than to introduce too many other things for an area like Stanthorpe. I think it's possibly a bit too grand.”

Other key elements from the Ipswich libraries included play areas for children, lounge areas with views and even a sandpit.

"There was concern from people this would impose a huge cost locally,” Mrs Ingram said.

"If de-amalgamation was to happen the local ratepayers would be left with a huge cost.”

Mrs Ingram said although the presentation was impressive, it was a library suited for a city area.

"I wouldn't say never, but at this point in time I don't think we are ready for it,” she said.

"While it might not appear forward thinking, we're practical people and we know what works.”

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