FINAL FAREWELL: "Enjoy every minute of your graduation - it all goes by so fast." - Samantha Wantling (centre). Samantha Wantling

Good advice for class of 2018

WHILE it doesn't seem like yesterday, it certainly doesn't seem like 30 years since I said goodbye to high school.

I still remember the day I graduated and the excitement and fear I knew was waiting for me outside the pearly gates of my school.

I was eager to never put on my school uniform again, or to be dictated to by the sound of a bell, and yet I was completely devastated the security and certainty that had been a huge part of my life for the previous 13years was suddenly not going to be there.

My two senior years were spent at boarding school in Brisbane, and I became very skilled at finding excuses to escape the boarding house.

Hence, once the pressure of final exams was over, the lead up to my graduation was filled with several parties, and then several more.

But I guess the thing that really stands out in my memory are the hours and hours of wisdom imparted to us from our teachers.

To a 17-year-old with a headache from the previous night of 'socialising', I just sat there thinking, 'Is this ever going to end? Please shoot me now'.

Thirty years later I realise every word my teachers gave me way back then was absolute gold and I think if I had really listened, I would never have been as hard on myself.

Enjoy this time because it might be some of the best times of your lives and one day you will look back on it and wish it was always this easy. Don't be afraid of fear, it challenges you and makes you stronger.

Life is not easy and there really are some things you just won't be good at.

Check your ego at the door and start checking your gut instead. Just do you.

So, to the class of 2018, congratulations. We at the Border Post wish you all the best for your future.

Enjoy your freedom before you head off to university or enter the 'real world' and workplace.

Listen to all the speeches and words of wisdom you receive in the next two days; your parents and teachers do actually know what they are talking about.

And finally, I once read J.K. Rowling address a commencement class at Harvard and her words truly resonated with me: "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.”

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