Kade Jones and Lara Jeffcoat of Haunted Australia are investigating the Criterion Hotel.
Kade Jones and Lara Jeffcoat of Haunted Australia are investigating the Criterion Hotel. Peter Holt

Ghostbusters investigate Warwick’s most haunted hotel

HE'S no stranger to supernatural activity, and Kade Jones agrees there's something going on at the Criterion Hotel.

The paranormal researcher and his team have started investigating Warwick's most haunted hotel, and already they've had a hair-raising experience.

Four weeks ago, during his first trip to the Criterion, Mr Jones felt the same cold chill so many of the hotel's staff and guests have described in the past.

"Talking to a couple of staff members about what they experienced, I all of a sudden came down tired," he said.

"I was sitting downstairs near the pool table and then there was a bang on the door and footsteps in front of me.

"It went cold all of a sudden."

Within a minute, Mr Jones said his partner and the rest of the crew upstairs reported a very cold feeling outside rooms eight and nine.

He believes it was one of the hotel's paranormal residents watching what his team were doing.

"You've got to remember we're coming on to someone else's property, they were there long before we were," he said.

"You need to be respectful, mindful if you upset them potentially their could be ramifications."

The crew are hoping to uncover more of the history of the Criterion, putting together people's experiences in the hope of making a TV documentary. The crew plans to return and spend a night in the hotel to record some of the activity.

Comparing investigating paranormal activity to fishing, Mr Jones said it was all about having the right tools, laying the bait and waiting to see what you can attract.

"There seems to be a common thing of a little girl overnight wanting to play with toys and being mischievous," he said.

"We'll plant children's toys and CCTV cameras and if we're lucky we'll catch figures on CCTV."

Going in with an open mind and no expectations was also a key to success.

"It's like dealing with children sometimes. Every child is different and behaves differently," Mr Jones said.

"What we observe can range from anything from physical touching, smells, black anomalies show up or translucent figures on CCTV."

Mr Jones and his team are looking for people to share their spooky experiences of the Criterion Hotel.

"What we're looking for is if anyone who knows any out-of-the-ordinary history or anyone who has stayed or visited and experienced something," he said.

"We've spoken to a few staff who've told us their experiences."

Anyone who wants to share their experiences and take part in the project can email kade@realmtv.com.au.

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