Getting your head around Headspace

AS WE kick off the first in a series of mental health articles exploring local services, headspace social worker Sophia McLucas talks about what the organisation offers Warwick community members.

Already well known to many in the community, headspace is an early intervention service, offering counselling and other services for young people aged 12 to 25 years old.

Mrs McLucas said there were a number of ways people could make an appointment.

"You don't need a referral," she said.

"People can ring and make an appointment, or they can also come with a referral from a GP. Alternatively, a relative can ring up as well on behalf of the person."

All appointments are free and Mrs McLucas said counselling appointments were generally covered through Medicare.

People wait on average about five to seven days for an appointment. For emergencies, people are urged to contact Warwick Hospital (46616900) instead.

The organisation - which is federally funded - sees people for a range of reasons.

"We have four call areas - mental health, physical health, drug and alcohol issues and vocational-type issues," Mrs McLucas explained.

"Mental health is such a broad issue though, that it covers anything and everything."

People come to headspace with a range of problems, but Mrs McLucas said depression and anxiety, followed by relationship or school-related problems, were the main focuses.

About 16 people, including a social worker, psychologist, GP and nutritionist provide services for clients. Headspace is also hoping to gain a psychiatrist next year.

The organisation has been in the Southern Downs since 2008 and has grown considerably in that time.

"We're growing at about 10% each year," Mrs McLucas said.

"We've seen about 800 clients and after we see people for so many appointments, some of them do come back."


Located at 51A Wood St

Referrals not needed

Open 9am-5pm Monday- Friday

Phone 4661 1999 for an appointment

More information at

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